A gun capable of firing multiple blasts of magic at once.

Item Description


When collecting chests or going fishing, one may stumble across this piece of weaponry to aid them in their adventures.

The Magic Blunderbuss replaces the Gale Blunderbuss and Staff of Shards as of V3.2.

Note: Only your First Mind magic will be applied to this weapon, along with its appearance.


[Left Click]: Shoots out 6 magic bullets. Although the damage is high (Depends on your magic power), the gun has a short range of effectiveness before the bullets spread and it becomes almost impossible to land a hit. Requires (240) magic level to cast, magic energy consumed varies depending on the level of your magic. Has a 7 second cooldown.


  • When this gun shoots creates a loud firing sound making it the loudest weapon currently in-game.
  • This magic weapon in inventory is shown as a white weapon and not the color of the first mind.
  • This is the only magic weapon with a rarity of Rare.
  • This weapon along with the Colossal Cutlass may produce a horrible lag spike when shot with it.

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