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As Arcane Adventures is a game based around the sea, there are a variety of locations to explore.

According to the lore, the Arcane World was once joined together as a single large landmass known as Mainland. When the world was broken apart during the battle between Theos and the Dark Wizard, small islands with various climates made up the little remaining land. As a result, civilization traveled from island to island via boats. Pirates and bandits also came into prominence.

Currently, there are three segments of the world that Arcane Adventures takes place in: the First Sea, Second Sea, and Third Sea. All three are supposedly divided up by a large land formation known as The Great Rift. There is also the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Sea, albeit yet to be developed. There is a total of seven seas.

Most named islands are depicted on Treasure Charts, maps that show various chest locations on a certain island.

Most spawn islands (i.e. the islands you spawn at when you load the game) have island specific weapons save for the Borealis Shipwreck and similar areas, where there are no native citizens of their own.

Legend of the Abbreviations used below
(Lv.) Players will spawn on this location if the player is within the level range.
(*Lv.) Same as above, but takes priority over other locations with overlapping level ranges under the met requirements if any.
(AG) Players will spawn on this location regardless of their level if the player has joined the Arcane Government.
(FS) Players can learn a fighting style from an instructor that resides on this location.
(2ndM.) Players will only spawn on this location once they have obtained their Second Magic.
(BOSS) Players will be able to fight a boss at this location.

First Sea Locations

Second Sea Locations

Third Sea Locations

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