Light's attacks do not have additional effect, but it has no weaknesses either (need confirmation) and compensates in power by having an instantaneous [Q], a fairly unique [E], and a potentially high damage [X].


Light Casting circle

The consumption values listed are the base amount. To calculate the amount consumed, it is the base consumption multiplied by the player's tier level with the move. To check tiers, scroll past the Moves section.

Attack Names Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement
Light Beam The user shoots an instantaneous beam of light that can be aimed before casting.

Has an average area of effect on collision and shorter range than most other magics.

Damage is based off of Magic Level and Magic Damage.

[Q] Magic Power Level 1+
Divine Pressure The user locks the grabbed player/mob in place in front of them. With an arm held forward, the target is forcefully launched through the air from the light energy.

The player/mob is launched very far and K.O.ed when hitting a surface after the attack.

Damage is based off of Strength Level.

[E] Strength Level 9+
Divine Flash The user holds their arms in the air with light radiating outward from the palms, hurting nearby players/mobs.

Damage is based off of Magic Level and Magic Damage.

[R] Magic Power Level 27+
Light Barrage The user locks the grabbed player/mob in the air in front of them. With an arm held forward, a barrage of homing photons ram into the player/mob. The longer the attack is charged, the longer the attack lasts.

The player/mob is dropped straight down and K.O.ed when hitting a surface after the attack.

Damage is based off of Strength Level.

[F] Strength Level 55+
Divine Barrier The user summons a shield of light that can be held and directed after casting.

Does not have any strengths of weaknesses. (need confirmation)

[Z] Magic Power Level 63+
Divine Shower The user holds out both arms, rapidly shooting out photons that has a small area of effect on collision compared to Light Beam's area of effect.

Divine Shower is very similar to Fire's ultimate, Firestorm, in that their aim can be controlled for their entire duration and that both shoot out a stream of individually weak projectiles. The difference is that Divine Shower's photons can be used in water and shoots smaller but more projectiles compared to Firestorm.

Damage is based off of Magic Level and Magic Damage.

[X] Level 100+


Tiers are solely based of the player's stat level and if Light is the player's Second Mind Magic, all tier levels will be bumped up by 99 Magic/Strength/Generic Levels.

The only exception is if Light is also the player's First Magic, in which case the Second Magic Light will have every move unlocked instantly and identical tier levels as the first.
  • Light Beam
  • Divine Pressure
  • Divine Flash
  • Light Barrage
  • Divine Barrier
  • Divine Shower
[Q] Light Beam Tier Levels
Tier 1: 1-60 Magic Level
Tier 2: 61-120 Magic Level
Tier 3: 121-240 Magic Level
Tier 4: 241-360 Magic Level
Tier 5: 361+ Magic Level
[E] Divine Pressure Tier Levels
Tier 1: 9-68 Strength Level
Tier 2: 79-128 Strength Level
Tier 3: 129-248 Strength Level
Tier 4: 249-368 Strength Level
Tier 5: 379+ Strength Level
[R] Divine Flash Tier Levels
Tier 1: 27-86 Magic Level
Tier 2: 87-146 Magic Level
Tier 3: 147-266 Magic Level
Tier 4: 267-386 Magic Level
Tier 5: 387+ Magic Level
[F] Light Barrage Tier Levels
Tier 1: 55-114 Strength Level
Tier 2: 115-174 Strength Level
Tier 3: 175-294 Strength Level
Tier 4: 295-414 Strength Level
Tier 5: 415+ Strength Level
[Z] Divine Barrier Tier Levels
Tier 1: 63-122 Magic Level
Tier 2: 123-182 Magic Level
Tier 3: 183-302 Magic Level
Tier 4: 303-422 Magic Level
Tier 5: 423+ Magic Level
[X] Divine Shower Tier Levels
Tier 1: Level 100-160
Tier 2: Level 161-220
Tier 3: Level 221-340
Tier 4: Level 341-460 (Not Yet Achievable)
Tier 5: Level 461+ (Not Yet Achievable)


  • Light Beam has very short ranged compared to most other magic [Q]s, making long ranged weaponry a valuable asset to Light users. (Lightning similarly suffers from this issue as well.)
  • Divine Pressure launches targets very far, so it could be used to distance yourself from your opponent or hinder people by dropping them into water.
  • Light Barrage synergizes well with Divine Shower as it traps the opponent against the wall or ground in front of the Light user, allowing the user to batter them with Divine Shower. The sheer amount of orbs produced can deal massive damage if most or all of them hit.


  • Light is the third magic to be added into Arcane Adventures.

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