Legendary Chart

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Legendary charts are found, rarely, by chests (1/20,000), in either the Third or Second Sea. When a player has obtained a Legendary Chart, every other player in the server will be alerted. If the player who has the Legendary Chart is slain, the slayer of that player would now carry the chart and have a different riddle. Legendary Charts have riddles that describe the area where the Legendary Chest is found. Only the carrier of the chart can see and collect the chest.

The Legendary Chest contains a random Legendary weapon. Legendary Weapons are not able to be traded or sold. 

The currently made Legendary weapons are:

  • The Sword of Morock's Fire - A sword that was used by the original owner of the Promethean Flame Curse.
  • Ancient Cursed Daggers - Twin black daggers that were cursed thousands of years ago.
  • Frostwater Bow - A bow that was once used by a powerful Ice and Water Magic wizard. Its surface is cold.
  • Durandal - A Superpowered Magic Weapon that was once a holy blade used by a proud warrior. It seems to have been corrupted by a forbidden, evil magic since its original owner lost it.
  • Aethereal Ornament - An Exalted Magic Weapon that was used by a master of Aether Magic long ago. Wearing this allows you to use powerful Aether attacks without the need of magic circles.

Second Sea Riddles

  1. "Behind the island of survivors lie ancient treasure..."
  2. "A Blue Tower of Justice..."
  3. "Behind the keel of the infamous pillaged merchant vessel, a mythical treasure awaits..."
  4. "Far to the west of the wealthy merchant village, on the edge of the twilight horizon, the object you seek awaits..."

Third Sea Riddles

  1. "The object you're looking for is waiting far to the northeast of the island where crimson trees grow..."
  2. "What you seek lies at the junction of one and two, underneath the grand blue desert..."
  3. "On the twilight horizon far to the south of the Prometheus slayer's stronghold, lies a treasure of dream..."


  • As of v3.4, Legendary Charts were disabled and any owned Legendary weapons were removed from inventories.
  • Vetex announced that Legendary Weapons & Charts were coming back as a "Grand Re-Opening" for Arcane Adventures, along with Legendary weapons and had heavy nerfs.They are now re-added as of today.
  • The best way to get a Legendary chart is to go to the Sea's Torment as there are plenty of chests there.
  • When first added the Legendary Chart had a drop chance of 1/5000 from chests and fishing.
  • Prior to the Grand Reopening update, you can no longer obtain a Legendary Chart by fishing.
  • You can now only get a Legendary chart from chests with a chance of 1/20000.