Once a Vice-Admiral of the Arcane Government, now gone mad due to the death of his crew by the hands of Durza, Kraken roams the surface of the oceans along with a whirlpool beneath his feet across the First and Second Sea in set locations. Kraken does not travel into the Third Sea though, as Cthulhu, Destroyer Of Worlds, would take his place there. It is still unknown why he left the Arcane Government.

Kraken is a level 220 Shadow magic user, although his move-set is completely different from a player's Shadow magic; his moves are aquatic themed and include an invincibility cloak in the shape of black spinning fire. Kraken respawns in 3 minutes after being defeated.

For information on Kraken's drops, go to The Kraken's Band.

The Kraken wears a Large Black Cloak, a white tank top, a Black Hood, and Black Pants.


Attack Names Attack Explanations Damage Additional


Piranha Storm Kraken fires a barrage of small shadow sharks made from his magic. His aim shifts towards the player he is targeting. 215-220 N/A
Shadow Shark Kraken fires a large shadow shark made from his magic that travels in a straight path. 542-552 N/A N/A
Shadow Uprising Kraken rapidly spawn magic circles at varying times across the water surface in a radius around himself. The magic circles send out inverted shadow tornadoes, which are supposed to represent tentacles, into the air for a brief time. 325 Damages ships as well.
Dark Demise Kraken makes a loud roar and summons a large magic circle under the player's ship. Moments after, shadow-like tentacles rise out of the magic circle that severely damage and sinks most ships if not avoided quick enough. N/A Deals 15175 damage to ships. N/A
Dark Pulse Kraken causes tsunamis that emit from his whirlpool that split into 8 directions that can wash over ships and players. (need info) Pulls players underwater. N/A
Shadow Cloak Kraken creates a cloak that last for 45 seconds, shielding himself from all forms of damage. With enough damage, this cloak can be broken. N/A Kraken becomes invulnerable for 45 seconds.


  • Magic Barrier moves can help protect the player from the Shadow Shark and Piranha Storm. 
  • Using Cannon Fist is one of the fastest ways to defeat the Kraken.
  • Flintlocks work well for dealing 1/26 of Kraken's health because of his stationary behaviour.
  • If fighting in a team of 2 players, one player can act as bait for Kraken while the other inflicts damage.
  • Kraken's Shadow Shark projectile can be broken mid air with any projectile.
  • If possessing Wind Magic, it is possible to attack Kraken outside his range with Gale Force.
  • If you have a Magic Bow, it can be used to snipe the Kraken from incredibly long distances, as long as you have good aim.
  • If you shoot Kraken directly with a Magic Bow when his cloak is on, it can hurt him.



  • Kraken's Theme is taken from Bloodborne, Father Gascoigne, The Hunter's theme.
  • Kraken currently has the 2nd highest health of all NPCs in the game (the 1st being Arsen).
  • Despite most of Kraken's attacks using Shadow Magic, he cannot inflict the Wither status effect.
  • The roar sound used for the "Dark Demise" can be found here.
  • Kraken's name and water affinity is a reference to "The Kraken", a legendary sea monster of colossal size, it is known for eating sailors and sinking ships.
  • According to Vetex, the Kraken's real name is Garrel.
  • Kraken, Captain Ulysses, Verdies, and Arthur, the Cursebeard are one of the last few Vastus descendants alive, an extinct race of giants who were killed by Theos' and Durza's combined attack.
  • Kraken's power level is 73,835.
  • The Kraken was once in the Arcane Government. However, he had a forbidden magic used on him, which made him insane. He is thought to have massacred his crew.
    • This is also what caused him to get his specific variant of Shadow magic. It is either regular Shadow magic that he unlocked using the last of his willpower (according to Twitter) or Super Shadow Magic via sacrificing his First Mind (according to the Trello).