Judgement island

This is the island where you will spawn after obtaining your second magic. Unfortunately, Judgment Isle is extremely far away from the previous spawn, Borealis. Here players usually battle and challenge each other.


Judgement Isle

Judgement Isle consists of a small forest (containing lemons) and mainly a large, docile volcano. Atop the volcano is a metal platform suspended above the volcano, and is surrounded by the volcano's lava (dealing 200 damage upon contact). Two large spires are at the corners of the volcano. To travel form this spawn island, this map can be used

Arcane Adventures 2nd sea map


According to the lore, a Metal Curse user once built a metal arena and challenged other wizards. After his death, his arena was whisked away by a rippling tornado, eventually landing on top of a Volcano, forming Judgment Isle. His Metal Curse now floats above the the PvP arena in the

Northwestern Open Sea (Gauntlet of The Seas).


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