One of the four fightable Guard Captains in Alalea, has a small chance of summoning when the player breaks an Alalea building.


Attack Names Damage Tier Level
Light Beam 250 (Needs Confirmation) 4
Divine Flash 200 (Needs Confirmation) 4
Divine Shower 6k+ (If all Projectiles Hit) 3


  • Try to either get him alone without Alalea Guards or defeat him quickly, because they will mob up on you while Jace snipes you with his ranged attacks, which will easily lead to death of the player.
  • Using melee weapons is possible, and one that has high damage can certainly take him down
  • One could also use Radius Fist, as it will deal damage to the Alalea Guards as well.
  • On the other hand, someone could go very far away, and simply use flintlocks/magic weapons (Magic Qs have limited range) to attack Jace, but it is possible that using this method he will simply despawn
  • Waiting for the Alalea guards to despawn is also a legitimate way of fighting Jace, but it will take time from Jace's despawn timer (if these things exist) as well
  • Generally, attacks that are speedy will perform well against Jace.
  • Attacks that are shower based (i.e. Fire and Light ultimates) will quickly kill him, but if he uses Divine Shower it will result in the player's death quite quickly. Magics with long cast times or long animations will not fare well against Jace.



  • Awards 2k-6k lamina upon defeat
  • Awards 400 exp upon defeat


  • He has an NPC version of him, who talks about general guarding activity in Alalea.
  • There are five guard captains in total: Reginald, Jace, Drake, Arus (Unfightable), and Arsen
  • Jace wields a weapon that appears to be the Staff of Shining Stars, a magic weapon that was removed and replaced by the Magic Staff.
    • Despite the staff likely having an area of effect ability, Jace swings the staff as if it is a sword, which can block sword attacks.
  • The name "Jace", means "healing" in Greek.
  • Jace's power level is 48,250.