As Arcane Adventures is a game based around the sea, there are a variety of islands to explore.

According to the lore, the Arcane World was once joined together as a single large landmass. When the world was broken apart during the battle between Theos and the Dark Wizard , small islands with various climates made up the little remaining land. As a result, civilization traveled from island to island via boats, pirates and bandits also came into prominence. There are many classifications for islands as seen below.

So far, there are three segments of the world that Arcane Adventures takes place in: the First Sea, Second Sea, and Third Sea. All three are supposedly divided up by a large land formation known as The Great Rift .

Most named islands are depicted on Treasure Charts, maps that show various chest locations on a certain island.

All primary Spawn Islands (i.e the islands you spawn at when you load the game) are to have 10 island specific weapons save for the Borealis, as it does not have citizens of its own. The weapons there will simply be generic. Doom Island is the first to be updated in this way and Savaria being the second, with an assortment of weapons, shields and utility items available there. All of these spawn islands also have a preliminary requirement of at least 3 quests.

First Sea Spawn Islands 
Spawn Islands Additional Notes:
Newground Island Spawn Requirement: Level 1 - 9.
Doom Island Spawn Requirement: Level 10 - 29, or after completing the quest "The Test".
Savaria Spawn Requirement: Level 30 - 59, or after completing the quest "Conquer the Shadows".
Cumulus Island Spawn Requirement: Level 60 - 99, or after completing the quest "Raid Kairo".
Permafrost Wilderness Spawn Requirement: Level 100 - 180.
Outcast Tower Spawn Requirement: Level 181+, or being an A.G. member.
Second Sea Spawn Islands 
Spawn Islands Additional Notes:
Permafrost Wilderness Spawn Requirement: Level 1 - 99.
Borealis Shipwreck Spawn Requirement: Level 100 - 179.

Judgement Isle

Spawn Requirement: Obtained Second Magic and before reaching Level 180.

Dawn's Refuge

Spawn Requirement: Level 180+.

Freedom Lookout Spawn Requirement: Being an A.G. member.
Third Sea Spawn Islands 
Spawn Islands Additional Notes:
Redwood Island Spawn Requirement: Level 1 - 99.
Alalea Spawn Requirement: Level 180 - 249.
Cerulea Spawn Requirement: Level 250+
A.G. Wilderness Island Spawn Requirement: Being an A.G member.
Sky Islands (First Sea)
Cumulus Island
Verdies' Ring Arena
Fire Wizard Arena
Verdies' Shipwreck Island
Capturable Islands
Orange Island First Sea
Canopy Island
Eve Island
Permafrost Island
Permafrost Island Second Sea
Dawn's Refuge
Redwood Island Third Sea
Fighting Style Islands
Graveyard Island Melee First Sea
Wilderness Boxing Island Boxing
L-Shaped Wilderness Island Magic Fist
Savaria Cannon Fist
Ice Maze Island Radius Fist
Borealis Shipwreck Swaying Fist

Second Sea

Impact Island Impact Fist

Additional Important Islands
Sea Cannon Vicinity
Ice Crown Island
Lava Tower Isle
Ark Island
Foggy Spires
Theos the War Phoenix Wilderness Arena
Mavist Island
Traveling Merchant Ships
Sailing Bazaar First Sea & Third Sea
Miss Molly Second Sea

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