Inventory is where you can see all armor, cannonballs, weapons and collectibles you have, and one can equip weapons and armor here. Inventory is mainly made of 2 sections.



A player is wearing a Sunken Champion set, Gauntlet Of The Rising Phoenix and Deluxe magic Amulet to get a total of 263 Attack boost, and 987 extra Defense. While player is using a Broadsword, Magic bow and a Deluxe flintlock to use as weapons in his adventure

All items equipped here will directly affect the statistics of your character and will provide extra defense and extra damage.

One can also equip weapons here, which can be used throughout their adventure.


A player is wearing Royal Knight Set and Crow and dark wings. which are displayed on player's character while he is still getting buffs from the armor he wore in armor section.


Vanity is the armor which will be visible to you and others and still give you the advantage of Armour pieces equipped in armor section.

One can toggle which armor parts are to be used as vanity by clicking on the "Eye" icons next to the armor parts.

Clear button:


Clicking this ask you to confirm if you wish to erase your inventory and whatever armor/weapons you have equipped. Clicking on this is not recommended.

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