The Inferno Curse is a Grand Fire Curse owned by techlevel80. The curse lets the user harness the strength of a powerful blue flame. Prometheus created this curse, imbuing his own grand fire magic in it, and hoping that using it, a person could defeat Cursebeard.


Attack Names

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Stat Requirement

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Inferno Comet

The user puts one hand out, letting his hand glow with blue fire. They then fire a projectile similar to fire's fireball but blue, exploding with a large AOE. The projectile leaves an expanding, glowing, and blue orb that disappears after a while. If the attack lands a hit on a player, the Inferno burn effect is applied.

Q Unknown Unknown
Inferno Magic Comet

Inferno Radiance

The user pulls one arm back as if preparing to punch someone this does AoE damage, and if they land a hit on a player, the victim gets locked in place. While the victim is locked in place, there is a field of blue fire around the player and then the player shoots an elongated beam of blue fire at the victim, causing an explosion, knocking the victim back and applying an Inferno burn effect. E Unknown Unknown
Inferno Magic Melee Attack

Inferno Flame

The user makes a huge aura of blue flame, similar to the Ancient Staff. It damages anyone in the AoE and applies Inferno burn effect. R Unknown Unknown
Inferno Curse Inferno Radiance

Inferno Regeneration

When the user's limb has been decapitated, blue fire will reappear in it's place and will regenerate the user's lost limb shortly after. This stops bleeding and infection. None Unknown Unknown
Inferno Magic Regeneration


Prometheus made multiple Grand Fire Curses, hoping to let a human defeat Cursebeard with them, the Inferno Curse is one of them. The Inferno Curse was taken by an unnamed person, while techlevel80 is the non-canon user of the Inferno Curse.