Impact Fist is a fighting style that involves charging up devastating attack that could be stored to be used later. A meter on the right of the player's screen shows how much more energy they can store when selecting the Impact Fist. Damage calculation only factors in Strength Level.

Visually, the user does not appear any different until they start charging the Impact Fist. When partially charged, the user's right hand will start pulsing rings, when the meter is charged higher, the rings increase in frequency.

Obtaining Impact Fist requires the player to talk to Vasco, The Emperor Punch, who resides on a fishing village in the Second Sea (commonly known as the Impact Island by the community).

Depending on the amount of charge, the projectile can range from a small ball with little area of effect to a large sphere that covers the area of a sailboat's hull, or if it is too little to be a projectile, it will explode in the users hand, damaging any player or NPC in range. A fully charged Impact Fist is able to defeat most common mobs and First Sea bosses in a single hit, while roughly equal levelled players that get hit are either defeated or scrape by with minuscule remaining health. 




Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement
"Charge Impact Fist" The user throws a quick jab that can be repeatedly thrown and charges the meter.

Punches alternate between the right and left arms.

[Q] None
Impact Fist! The user readies their right arm with a short-long start up time depending on the charge in the meter. Once ready, the attack depletes all charge in the meter and releases an attack in the form of a sphere projectile. [E] None


  • Impact Fist is both the highest and lowest potential damage source that is available to players in a single projectile.
    • With a meter that is charged with one punch, the attack deals 1 damage.
    • With a meter that is fully charged, a 500 Strength Level player deals over 2800 damage, easily killing any other player who has little to no defense.
  • Impact Fist requires the most strength and lamina. It costs 150,000 lamina and requires 150 Strength..

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