Ice Maze Island is a rather square, pillar-like ice wilderness island located in the First Sea where the Radius tutor Feedrock resides. True to its name, you are unable to directly super jump to the top of the island, and thus are forced to go though the maze inside within the island. However, you may use your ship's mast to super jump to the top of the Maze if your ship is close enough.

Maze Tips

How to get through the Ice Maze00:41

How to get through the Ice Maze

There are two paths in the ice maze which can cause the player to fall into water, unable to travel back up unless they act quickly.


  1. Turn left at the first intersection. Turning right will lead to a hole with water at the bottom.
  2. Continue straight. Turning right will lead to a dead end.
  3. Once in a while, a chest will spawn to the left. Turn right to continue.
  4. Turn right. Turning left will dump you off the island.
  5. You're at the top! A mound of chests will be there to greet you.

You can also high-jump then when at the highest point of the base, use an ultimate move that causes you to high jump again (E.g. Lightning Annihilation) to reach the top without having to go through the maze. The special move of the Deluxe Katana, Flash Strike, can also be useful. If you have an item with a Skyward Enchantment, you can reach the top without needing an ultimate move.

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