Ice Crown Island is an ice-covered island located towards the south of Savaria. Its name comes from its circular appearance with large spires, giving it the shape of a crown.

The weather is snowy and almost always below freezing temperature. It is speculated that Ice Crown Island was once part of Permafrost Island before the "Great Divide" of the islands.

This island is the only island in the First Sea that sells the Lure Rod by talking to the fisherman in the small village.


A special trait this island has is its whirlpool in the center of the island. A few treasure chests are scattered across this island. Supported by ice floes, tall rock formations covered in snow enclose the whirlpool with a scarcely inhabitated igloo village set up on the left side of the island.

This village has a Wanted Board, where players with a good reputation are able to hunt bounties.

Ice Crown Island also holds a secret chamber, located near the left rear of the island, the cave holds the skeleton of AG Member, Officer Nyle, Badge Number #6271. This officer appears to have taken his own life, by stabbing himself through the heart after being trapped in the cave and left to starve or freeze to death. Four more preserved AG officers appear to be trapped below the ice, frozen to death. This chamber holds much secrecy, as no quests have aspired from this location, and appears to nurture possibility for a future quest.


Between Permafrost island and Kairo.

Associated Quests

Collector's Favor

  • Quest Giver: Villager
  • Objective: Find a Doom Conch found on Doom Island.
  • Rewards:  6,000 Lamina and 300 EXP