Graves is the leader of the Highland Bandits who appears at Whiteridge Highlands. He wears what appears to be a short-sleeved version of the Highland Bandit Armor. Graves uses a Broadsword, Flintlock, and his Wind Magic to fight.


Gale Force - Summons a wind magic circle and fires a burst of wind at the player. Tier 5.

Broadsword - Swings his broadsword at the ground, which then causes a burst of slashes.

Flintlock - Fires his flintlock at the player.

Ravaging Winds - Summons two massive wind magic circles, than firing a much more massive T5 variant of the Wind Ultimate.


If you farm the Highland Bandits or even Graves himself make sure you bring sky skates with maximum fuel, as he may fling you off of the Whiteridge Highlands into the ocean using his Ravaging Winds.


  • Graves is the only bandit so far to possess magic.
  • Graves is the only bandit who has a different arsenal than other bandits.
  • Despite the Highland Bandits dropping Highland Bandit's Cloak/Boots, Graves cannot drop it despite him wearing them.

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