Graves is the leader of the Highland Bandits who appears at Whiteridge Highlands. He wears Highland Bandit Armor without the sleeves. Graves uses a Broadsword, Flintlock, and his Wind Magic to fight.


Gale Force - Summons a wind magic circle that fires a burst of wind at the player. Appears to be Tier 5.

Broadsword - Swings his broadsword in bursts of 5 slashes.

Flintlock - Fires his flintlock; usually after his flurry of Broadsword slashes. Has pinpoint accuracy.

Ravaging Winds - Summons two massive wind magic circles that fire a Ravaging Winds tornado that is much larger than its Tier 5 counterpart.



  • Graves is the only bandit so far to possess magic.
  • Graves is the only bandit who has a different arsenal than other bandits.
  • Despite the Highland Bandits dropping Highland Bandit's Cloak/Boots, Graves cannot drop it despite him wearing them.
  • Grave's power level is 98,435, placing him above the likes of the Kraken, Ravager of the Seas.