Ghost ships are ships that are neon in color and incorporeal (resembles a ghost). These ships always sail to their respective sunken shipwrecks where lots of treasure chests and sometimes items (When ghost ships have spawned.) can be found.

Supposedly, these ships sail the seas, longing for the adventures they never got to have.

Ghost Ships:

First Sea

Second Sea

Third Sea

Items found from Ghost Ship Wrecks

The lost hat of Captain Holden, who was famous for being the first man eaten by White Eyes

Item Description

A cloak that used to belong to a sailor on the flying dutchman, before it sank

Item Description

An extremely valuable amulet engraved with defense-charmed blue zircon gems

Item Description

A large white cloak sewn out of magic-charmed cloth. It's been ruined by years of exposure to the sea

Item Description

"A blessing given to the one that finds Morock's skeleton at the bottom of Bermuda's Trench. Morock's Promethean Fire will aid you in battle until the end of time."



  • The Ghost Ship's theme is from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Queen Rutela's Theme.
  • All shipwrecks can always be found without aid of a Ghost Ship, but will not provide chests/item unless the Ghost Ship physically spawns.
  • All ghost shipwrecks have a Sea Shard, making them optimal for completing the second quest to unlock one's second mind.
  • The Nebula and The Aggressor are the only 2 Ghost Ships to have a solid backstory ingame.
  • The Nebula is the only Ghost Ship to have fog surrounding it.

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