A gift from Theos the War Phoenix, hand crafted by himself.

Item Description

The Gauntlet of the Rising Phoenix is gifted to the player when talking to Theos the War Phoenix at Sunrise Ravine , which is northeast of Alalea.

Before he gifts the gauntlet, he talks of his life at Aberon, his fight against Durza the Dark Wizard, which devastated the entire world, and how he wishes to have trained the player more and fight Durza together.

Since talking to Theos is the only way to obtain the gauntlet, it cannot have any enchantments.

As a vanity, it overwrites the player's left arm entirely and emits an orange glow.


  • If a players's left arm has been cut off, equip the gauntlet, then hide it, their arm will reappear.
  • At Alalea, Theos could be seen holding the gauntlet, which also reveals that it was taken apart from his own armor.
  • The Gauntlet of the Rising Phoenix is one of two Legendary rarity items that does not have a green gradient in its thumbnail, the other being the Beta Bracelet.
    • The Gauntlet of the Rising Phoenix is also the only item to have an orange glow in its thumbnail.
    • The stats of this item may be this high because Vetex intended to create a bigger gap between level 220 and below, so that levelling up has more of a purpose.


  • Sometimes the gauntlet disappears from your inventory, you can reacquire it by talking to Theos again. This however may sometimes not work due to a reoccurring glitch.