Game passes are used in many different games across ROBLOX to sell exclusive benefits to the player at a certain cost of Robux; a near-universal currency throughout all of ROBLOX.

In-Game Benefits


2x Bank Storage

Price: 500 Robux

Description: "Buying this allows you to store twice as much Lamina in Nicholas's bank."


More Ship Colors

Price: 200 Robux

Description: "Buying this will allow you to choose from more colors while painting your ship."

Economist's Scroll

Price: 200 Robux

Description: "Buying this will give you the Economist's Scroll when you spawn. This item allows you to view the current value of Lamina worldwide, which is useful for knowing when items in shops will be cheap, and when selling items will give profit."



Price: 100 Robux

Description: "People have been asking me to make a way to donate, so here it is. Buying this does absolutely nothing, besides showing that you appreciate this game and want it to get somewhere. Please also realize that buying this does not speed up the process of updates. Updates will always come out once a week or so, nothing will change that."

Animation Packs

Everyone starts with a standard Animation Pack, so the standard pack is free.

Animation packs change the way you run, super jump, magic charge, swim, and fall.



Price: 25 Robux

This animation pack makes the user seem like a coward.



Price: 100 Robux

This animation pack changes the default animations to make the user look "cool"



Price: 125 Robux

Based off of the normal animations, however, the user is always hovering. This also allows players to float over stuff that does damage. (for example, the lava on verdies' shipwreck)



Price: 70 Robux

This animation pack is basically all of the animations in standard, but backward. However doing a T jump makes you whirl around.



Price: 150 Robux

Exactly like standard animation pack, but changes charging animation. Also, with this animation pack, the player recieves the Superhero package instead of the normal Robloxian 2.0 package, but only when not wearing armor.


Silver Chest (Removed)

The loot in Silver Chests are increased and buffed, they can only be obtained through purchasing them with Robux.

To purchase them, click the Shop button and click the Silver Chest Icon. These cost 50 R$ each and you can only be purchased twice every 12 hours. Silver Chests give 2,000 Experience Points, 2-4 random items as well as 50,000 Lamina. Silver Chests do not contain Aurem.

Gold Chest

The loot in Gold Chests are buffed to a higher degree than Silver Chests. Gold Chests sometimes spawn in locations of the normal chests. To obtain its contents, the player must pay 200 R$. Or if you find one, it goes straight into your inventory and you can sell it for a fair bit of lamina, it also has a trading value.

These chests have a golden look in-game, easily distinguishing them from normal chests. These chests give 4-6 items upon opening them, 5,000 Experience Points, 200,000 Lamina as well as 2 Hull Blueprints for your ship.

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