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Game passes are used in many different games across ROBLOX to sell exclusive benefits to the player at a certain cost of Robux; a near-universal currency throughout all of ROBLOX.

In-Game Benefits


2x Bank Storage

Price: 500 Robux

Description: "Buying this allows you to store twice as much Lamina in Nicholas' bank."

As the name implies, this doubles your maximum storage of lamina in the bank.


More Ship Colors

Price: 200 Robux

Description: "Buying this will allow you to choose from more colors while painting your ship."

This gamepass will extend the palette on the paintbrush tool on the ship, providing several more assorted colors.

Economist's Scroll

Price: 200 Robux

Description: "Buying this will give you the Economist's Scroll when you spawn. This item allows you to view the current value of Lamina worldwide, which is useful for knowing when items in shops will be cheap, and when selling items will give profit."

The player is always given a scroll in their hotbar upon purchase. This gives them the ability to view the stock prices of all items in the arcane world, which can be used to save immense amounts of lamina.



Price: 100 Robux

Description: "People have been asking me to make a way to donate, so here it is. Buying this does absolutely nothing, besides showing that you appreciate this game and want it to get somewhere. Please also realize that buying this does not speed up the process of updates. Updates will always come out once a week or so, nothing will change that."

This is a nice donation to the creator of the game; VetexGames. It helps him establish updates to the game, so it is certainly generous to buy this and is very appreciated.

Chest Key


Price for 1 key: 20 robux

Price for 5 keys: 90 robux

Price for 10 keys: 150 robux

Price for 25 keys: 450 robux

Price for 50 keys: 800 robux

These keys allows you to be able to open Black Magic Chests and Gold Chests.

Animation Packs

Everyone starts with a standard Animation Pack, so the standard pack is free.

Animation packs change the way you run, super jump, magic charge, swim, and fall.



Price: 25 Robux

This animation pack makes the user act like a coward.



Price: 100 Robux

This animation pack changes the default animations to make the user look strong and intimidating.



Price: 125 Robux

This animation pack remakes all of the current animations to make the player float. This also prevents contact with certain objects that deal damage, such as lava.



Price: 70 Robux

This animation pack makes you look like you're walking/running backward.



Price: 150 Robux

Gives the player a different charging animation, walking animation and high-jumping animation, as well as a muscular build.


Price: 100 Robux

This animation pack makes the player look like an assassin.