Game Rules

  • Auto-keying/clicking is not allowed
    • 1st time caught: Complete removal of stats and progress in-game.
    • 2nd time caught: Permanent ban.
  • Exploiting is not allowed
    • Punishment for doing so always results in a permanent ban. In very few cases, such as if the exploit was done months ago, the exploiter can be un-banned but only if they create a New game.
  • Abusing glitches is not allowed
    • Punishment depends on the type of glitch abused, and will vary from admin to admin.
  • Duplicating items is not allowed
    • Anyone suspected of duplicating items can be banned immediately and permanently, however, they can appeal if they believe the ban was unjustifiable.
  • Abusing the Force-field in shops is not allowed
    • If someone is chasing you and you run up to a shop NPC and hide inside the Force-field until the person goes away, you can be banned for 1-3 days. Going AFK in a shop Force-field is allowed however as long as no one was chasing you, as there is no current system for going AFK besides spawning in and not moving.
  • Letting someone kill you to raise their bounty is not allowed
    • Punishment for doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  • Trying to bribe an admin for stats and such is not allowed.
  • Punishment will result in a kick from the server or a 1 day ban if severe enough.
  • Leaving the game, letting yourself get eaten by sharks, and etc. in order to keep your bounty is not allowed.
    • Punishment for doing so will result in a 1-3 day ban.
  • Paying USD or Robux for in-game items is not allowed
    • Punishment for doing so will result in a permanent ban.
  • Using the Arcane Government Logo, Mantle Pirates Logo, ROBLOX Admin - Logo, One Shot Pirates Logo, Game Admin Logo, or any other logo for your Clan Logo that can be used to deceive others is not allowed.
    • Punishment for doing so will result in a clan removal.
  • Naming your boat inappropriately is against the rules
    • If you do not comply when asked to change your boat's name, an admin will manually change it for you. However, if you change your boat's name back to the inappropriate name, you will be permanently banned.

Rules for "Disrespect" Bans

  • If you are continuously and purposefully going after an admin and insulting them, insulting admins as a whole, insulting Vetex, or insulting the game, that admin has a right to ban you permanently. We do not tolerate toxicity in Arcane Adventures, case closed.
  • This does not, however, apply when someone makes a sarcastic or non-serious remark about the game or an admin, such as saying "this game sucks".
  • Disrespect bans must also be ran through Vetex, before the person can be banned, and Vetex has to approve it for it to be carried out.

Appealing a Ban

  • Any type of ban can be appealed, and the recommended place to do so is in the #help-chat channel of Nova Community Discord Server. Use "@Admins" to tag admins, state your username, and the reason why you were banned, if you know. Do not spam "@Admins" though, or you will be banned from the Discord Server as well.
  • If you were banned for exploiting, you are allowed 1 free unban if none of the admins actually saw you exploit. (Situations like this can occur if other players report you falsely, or if our exploit logs throw a false positive)
  • Bans longer than 2 months ago from the appeal date cannot be undone, so please appeal within that time frame. There are very few exceptions to this rule.

Admin Rules

Punishable by Un-admining

  • Even though not many people play the Test Place, this does not mean you can do whatever you want there. Do not change any stats, even if they are another admin, do not give items, armor, lamina, levels, or anything else.
  • Until v3, resetting other player's bounties and giving good reputation is allowed. This is because there is no current way in the main game to lose bounty, other than reset, combat log, or get captured hundreds of times.
  • This goes without saying, but changing stats for ANYONE (includes all admins and players) is not allowed, with special exceptions.
  • Admins cannot restore items, lamina, aurem, weapons, magics, or levels even if you have proof.
  • Admins also have permission to kick you if you're being excessively annoying or just being an overall jerk in-game. The only instances when admins CAN'T kick you is if you kill them or destroy their boat. If you do this and they kick/ban you, message a different admin and tell them about it.



  • Disrespect bans essentially mean that anyone who is disliked by Vetex or his admin community, who are all close to Vetex, can be permanently banned from the game without any justifiable reason
  • Before game v. 4, Spawn or jail killing or camping was a bannable offense. It is no longer an offense now, as in the words of Vetex, you can simply leave the server. If, however, said spawnkiller follows you to other servers, it can be reported.

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