This bow was enchanted with strong magic energy, releasing a powerful arrow.

Item Description

The Frostwater Bow is the third legendary weapon to be obtainable as of v3.1. This legendary weapon relies on the user's magic power, and is the first to do so.

When collecting chests or fishing, there is a slim chance to obtain a Legendary Chart. The chart would be encrypted with a riddle that describes the location of a Legendary Chest. Upon opening, one out of a few legendary weapons are granted to the player. If the wielder shot an arrow at the sea, it will cause a huge iceberg to form, creating a path for people to walk on.


  • [Left Click]: Shoots either a water arrow or a frost arrow. The water arrow will inflict the soak status effect. The frost arrow will inflict the frost-burn DOT status effect only if the target has the soaked status effect on them. 
    • Basic Attack
    • Soak arrow and Frost arrow on water
  • [Q] (Frostwater Storm): Allows the user to aim the bow in a similar fashion to the left-click, and shoot a barrage of huge arrows where the mouse is aimed. Freezes bodies of water when fired at. Requires 350 Magic Levels to use
    • Q used on enemy
    • Q used on water
  • [E] (Arctic Burst): The user fires a powered up arrow that does a huge AoE effect freezing everyone caught up in the explosion and inflicting heavy damage and a long-lasting soak status effect. Requires 300 Magic level to use. 


  • The Frostwater Bow is a recoloured version of the Korblox Hunter Package's Bow.
  • The Frostwater Bow were brought back in Arcane Adventures' Grand Reopening Update.
  • The Q doesn't have any effect when used on land.