The Foggy Spires is a wilderness area found in the Second Sea, which is close to Ark Island, Oblitesco, Moon Cove Isle and Permafrost Island. Large ships may struggle to sail through the area as the spires are somewhat small. This Island is also on the way of the route between the Borealis Shipwreck and Judgement Isle.


The Foggy Spires is an area filled with stone spikes jutting upwards from the sea that are engulfed by fog capped off with a cloud "ceiling". There is a stone platform in the centre with 8 chests, making this a hotspot for chests in the Second Sea.


  • Foggy Spires is the first wilderness area to be completely composed of spires.
  • Foggy Spires is the first "island" to appear foggy. (Second place goes to Altavista)