When arriving at Savaria, there is a gun smuggler, the first NPC of your journey that will offer to sell guns, which he brought from Mainland. The smuggler sells three different guns, all having various situations in which they are useful.

The flintlock does not consume any type of ammunition and can be fired indefinitely. This gun does not need any positional preparation, unlike the Bazooka. The flintlock is not so good at long range but has higher damage potential than a bazooka.

Like the Blunderbuss, the damage of the bullets are fixed, albeit varies depending on which area you hit the target in; headshot being 600 damage, torso being 450 damage, and any other limb being 300 damage. The reload time is very long, so it is recommended to have a second weapon on standby.

The bullet is considered part of the players hit box, which can cause some issues during some fights, like a fight ramses II. This may effect other guns as well.

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