Fishing can yield many fish that sell for a lot of Lamina or powerful equipment to aid you in your journeys.

Fish that are caught also grant the player Strength Level EXP and Player Level. The sell prices can be used to estimate the value of Lamina and know the times to buy and sell.

Bait used for fishing.

To fish, cast the rod into a body of water and wait until an "!" showing above yourself and bobber dips underneath the water surface. Rapidly click to reel in after the two visual cues.

Ripples in the water formed around the bobber indicate that the rod has attracted something. After a catch, the fishing rod has a chance to break.

Fishing Rod & Bait

Fishing rods have a slight chance of breaking (1/100), causing the rod to disappear from the player's hotbar.

  • Wooden Rod - Basic Rod. (Any Fisherman) [Level 1+]
  • Lure Rod - Fishes bite faster. (Ice Crown Island, First Sea + Cerulea, Third Sea) [Level 20+]
  • Silver Rod - Catches rarer fish more often. (Impact Island, Second Sea) [Level 40+]
  • Magnet Rod - Catches equipment more often. (Dawn's Refuge, Second Sea) [Level 120+]
  • Gold Rod - Catches rarer fish much more often. (Redwood Island, Third Sea) [Level 200+]
  • Bait - Consumed when fishing, retrievable if player reels the rod in before a fish bites. (Any Fisherman) 

Possible Catches

NOTE: The Lamina drop from fishes may vary depending on the Lamina value at the moment. As such, fishing can also be used as a method to estimate the Lamina value if the player does not own an Economist's Scroll.

Catches Drops
Sea Bass (fish) Lamina100
Horse Mackerel (fish) Lamina150
Dab (fish) Lamina200
Octopus (fish) Lamina300
Jellyfish (fish) Lamina300
Pufferfish (fish) Lamina300
Clownfish (fish) Lamina400
Squid (fish) Lamina500
Sea Horse (fish) Lamina900
Moray Eel (fish) Lamina1000
Lobster (fish) Lamina1500
Red Snapper (fish) Lamina3000
Giant Trevally (fish) Lamina3500
Barred Knifejaw (fish) Lamina4000
Tuna (fish) Lamina6000


Redscrab (fish) Lamina10000
Napoleon Fish (fish) Lamina10000
Tiger Shark (fish) Lamina10000
Great White Shark (fish) Lamina15000
Fire Fish (fish) Lamina20000
Gold Fish (fish) Lamina30000
Bag of Aurem Aurem5
Boot Worthless
Can Worthless
Any Armor

(with some exceptions)

The caught


Any Accessory

(with some exceptions)

The caught


Any Weapons

(with some exceptions)

The caught


Legendary Chart

(currently disabled)

A Legendary


Any Collectables

(with some exceptions)

The caught



  • The bobber that is cast from the fishing rod is an extension to the player's hitbox, resulting in damage being transferred over to the player if attacks (e.g. Lightning Bolt) hit the bobber.
  • It is possible to fish in a couple unorthodox places, such as the moat of lava at Judgement Isle and the grass on the outskirts of Alalea. It should be noted that, due to the hitbox extension mentioned above, it is possible to take damage from the lava when the bobber is cast at Judgement Isle.

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