While exploring Cumulus Island one may find this NPC. Talking to the Fire Wizard gives you a quest that leads you to fight him on a rectangular-shaped sky island just above Savaria.

Associated Quests

Sky Battle

  • Quest Giver: Fire Wizard
  • Objective: Defeat the Fire Wizard (the same one)
  • Rewards: 3,000 Lamina, 500 EXP


  • The Fire Wizard is a level 150 Fire-user mini-boss that can perform Fireball and Fire Field. If under-leveled, staying at a considerable distance to use ranged attacks is recommended. Otherwise, don't be afraid to use shield moves and get close to the Wizard.
  • It's also possible for the Fire Wizard to fall down into Savaria, so extra measures must be taken to prevent him from falling off when completing the quest.
  • The Fire Wizard can be stun-locked in a manner similar to Marua thereby enabling you to quickly defeat him with a fighting style such as Magic Fist.
  • If farming, simply super-jump and use your ultimate.

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