While exploring Cumulus Island one may find this NPC. Talking to the Fire Wizard gives you a quest that leads you to fight him on a rectangular-shaped sky island just above Savaria.

Associated Quests

Sky Battle

  • Quest Giver: Fire Wizard
  • Objective: Defeat the Fire Wizard (the same one)
  • Rewards: 3,000 Lamina, 500 EXP


  • The Fire Wizard is a level 150 Fire-user mini-boss that can only use Fireball and Fire Field. If under-leveled, staying at a considerable distance to use ranged attacks and having both of you on the separate ledges (the edge of the cloud and the land) is recommended. Otherwise, don't be afraid to use shield moves and get close to the Wizard.
  • It's also possible for the Fire Wizard to fall down into Savaria by using attacks with slightly high knockback such as 'Lighting Pulse', one of the Lightning magic attacks. So, extra measures must be taken to prevent him from falling off when completing the quest.
  • The Fire Wizard can be stun-locked in a manner similar to Marua thereby enabling you to quickly defeat him with a fighting style such as Magic Fist.
  • If farming, simply super-jump and use your ultimate.
  • The fire wizard is recomended to be fought when level 90


  • The Fire Wizard's power level is 19,500, exactly 1/10th of Theos at 1/10th of his power.