Allows the user to control and manipulate the element of fire.

–When fire is described by the magic chooser screen.

Fire's attacks all inflict the Burned status. Fire magic is unusable underwater and turns into steam when launching attacks from land into water bodies as well as weakened damage to Soaked players/mobs. While it is hampered by water, it compensates with a stackable damage over time status, a fairly unique [E] and a potentially high damage [X]. Fire magic's ultimate (Firestorm) is one of the most powerful ultimates in the game, especially in higher levels due to the huge area of effect it has compared to a similar ultimate, Divine Shower, in which case the area is small and hard to hit. This makes up for fire magic's many weaknesses.


Fire Casting circle

The consumption values listed are the base amount. To calculate the amount consumed, it is the base consumption multiplied by the player's tier level with the move. To check tiers, scroll past the M section.

Attack Names Attack description Keybind Stat Requirement Gifs
Fireball The user launches a ball of fire forwards that explodes on impact and burns enemies [Q] Magic Level 1+ FireBall
Flame Splash The user punches an enemy into the air and then leaps upwards. The user then ignites their leg with a Fire Magic Circle, and frontflip-kicks the enemy/victim down to the ground. If the strength is higher than the mob/victim it will KO. [E] Strength Level 11+ FireFlameSplash
Fire Field The user summons condensed flames into their fist, and then punches the ground, causing a fiery explosion and damaging anyone nearby. [R] Magic Level 32+ FireField


The user repeatedly punches a single enemy with flaming fists, then launches their target forwards. If strength is higher than the mob/victim it will KO. [F] Strength Level 62+ FireBurningSoul
Flame Barrier The user creates a fragile wall of flames in front of themselves. The shield breaks after withstanding a certain amount of hits, Wind Magic attacks wear down the barrier extremely fast. Water Magic attacks instantly dispell it. [Z] Magic Level 77+ FireBarrier2
Firestorm The user creates a large magic circle, and then sends a barrage of fireballs outwards. [X] Level 100+ Firestorm2


Tiers are solely based on the player's stat level and if Fire is the player's Second Mind Magic, all tier levels will be bumped up by 99 Magic/Strength/Generic Levels.

The only exception is if Fire is also the player's First Magic, in which case the Second Magic Fire will have every move unlocked instantly and identical tier levels as the first.

[Q] Fireball Tier Levels
Tier 1: 1-60 Magic Level
Tier 2: 61-120 Magic Level
Tier 3: 121-240 Magic Level
Tier 4: 241-360 Magic Level
Tier 5: 361-480 Magic Level
[E] Flame Splash Tier Levels
Tier 1: 11-70 Strength Level
Tier 2: 71-130 Strength Level
Tier 3: 131-250 Strength Level
Tier 4: 251-370 Strength Level
Tier 5: 371+ Strength Level
[R] Fire Field Tier Levels
Tier 1: 32-91 Magic Level
Tier 2: 92-151 Magic Level
Tier 3: 152-271 Magic Level
Tier 4: 272-391 Magic Level
Tier 5: 392+ Magic Level
[F] Burning Soul Tier Levels
Tier 1: 62-121 Strength Level
Tier 2: 122-181 Strength Level
Tier 3: 182-301 Strength Level
Tier 4: 302-421 Strength Level
Tier 5: 422+ Strength Level
[Z] Fire Barrier Tier Levels
Tier 1: 77-136 Magic Level
Tier 2: 137-196 Magic Level
Tier 3: 197-316 Magic Level
Tier 4: 317-436 Magic Level
Tier 5: 437+ Magic Level 
[X] Firestorm Tier Levels
Tier 1: Level 100-160
Tier 2: Level 161-220
Tier 3: Level 221-340
Tier 4: Level 341-460
Tier 5: Level 461+


  • If inflicted with Burn, jumping into a body of water will cancel out the status.
  • Flame Splash is useful for gaining tactical advantage in a fight.
    • If the opponent is K.Oed after using Flame Splash, one could use the special ability of all of their weapons in quick succession. This will easily kill most mobs, and low level players, along with applying status effects.
  • Fire users can stack Burn duration. Fastest way to do this is eg. the Magic Bow or the magic Blunderbuss.
    • Alternating between Flame Splash and Fireball. Fire Field and Firestorm can also be used after Flame Splash.
  • Any Water move inflicts the Soak status, effectively removing the Burn status from players hurt by the move. (need confirmation if it works with party members)
  • Fire Field removes the Bleeding status from the user and any other player in range. However, it does NOT remove the chances of Infection occurring. It also does not remove bleeding from party members if party damage is off. (Sometimes working. Perhaps just a glitch.)
  • Firestorm is an extremely useful move for farming. For example, at Alalea one could spawn in any of the guard captains with any number of Alalean Guards, save for Arsen, and take most of them out with a single fully charged Firestorm.


  • Fire is the first magic to be added into Arcane Adventures. 
  • Flame Splash is possibly a reference to Sanji, a character from the anime One Piece. One of his moves, "Collier Shoot", kicks his enemies to the ground, and when mixed with his "Diable Jambe" technique, which lights his leg on fire.
  • There were additional moves that were removed from Arcane Adventures.
    • Burning Aura: A defensive skill that creates a flame shield around them lasting for 30 seconds.
    • Fire Pillar: Fire is spewed into the air, which then rains back down.
    • Armored Flames: A power-up attack that increases magic power and lasts for 30 seconds. Other magic skills while Armored Flames is active are more powerful.
    • Armored Flames - Legendary Flare: A "compressed blast of Armored Flames" is shot and will explode a second after impact with a surface.
  • Firestorm's projectiles can collide with other magic projectiles, making way for the rest of the fireballs to get past.
  • Theos uses Dragon Flame Pillar during the boss fight, an upcoming move for players.

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