Eve Island is a semi-fortified village, with cannons mounted on walls surrounding parts of the village, with palm trees scattered around the island.

Eve island is one of the only islands, besides the Arcane Goverment fortresses and Alalea  that is able to attack passing ships. However, unlike Outcast Tower (and Alalea), that only attacks players with a bad reputation, Eve Island will attack any player besides the player that captured the island. If no player currently is in possession of the island, then the island will attack all players. You can avoid getting attacked by steering clear of the mounted cannons lining the walls of the island, or by capturing the island.


Eve Island has a claim flag centered in the middle of the village, allowing players to capture it and earn clan infamy. It is the only capturable island with Nicholas on it, and it also includes a bounty board. Coconuts and apricots are found here.