When blasted into the sky by the Sea Cannon in the First Sea, upon arriving at Cumulus Island, there is a blacksmith who offers to sell swords, which are upgraded versions of the swords available at the Sailing Bazaar, some offering new abilities than the previous. This weapon can also be obtained through fishing and collecting chests.

To make up for the lack of a special move, this weapon has the highest base damage of the three swords sold at Cumulus Island as well as its bleed status ailment damage is doubled, with the capability to increase the bleed effect further at random strikes.


  • This weapon, like its neighboring 60+ weapons, possessed an ability in which the player would click Q to launch themselves straight ahead with their katanas crossed, and on collision with an entity would create an explosion, hence the name 'Bomb Strike'. This was removed shortly after its release due to how it would allow people to 'fly' with a glitch as it could be used in midair.
  • The Dual Katanas add 650 power level.