One of the four fightable Guard Captains in Alalea, he has a small chance of being summoned whenever a player breaks an Alalea building.


Guard Captain Drake fires his Dual Flintlocks at you, dealing about 150 damage with each shot.


  • Melee weapons are strong against him, as he only deals damage every couple of seconds, due to reload time.
  • While single-target spells do work, they do allow him to also get around ~4 shots with his Dual Flintlocks at you, possibly hindering you from continuing to farm Guard Captains.
  • He seems to be one of the weaker Guard Captains, as he is quite easy to beat.



  • Awards ~(?) lamina upon defeat
  • Awards ~(?) exp upon defeat


  • He has an NPC version of him, who talks about his blindness problem and his strong sense.
  • There are five guard captains in total: Reginald, Jace, Drake, Arus (Unfightable), and Arsen
  • After a v3.6 hotfix, firing a divine shower near him would cause him to send a barrage of bullets at you, regardless of the fact that he only has two guns (neither of which happen to be automatic). This bug has been fixed as of v4.

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