Throughout sailing about in Arcane Adventure, you may come across many disasters. Some may occur randomly, some are a defining aspect of an island, and others are caused by NPCs/players.



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Two whirlpools

One of the most common disasters to be found, places such as Ice Crown, Borealis Shipwreck, and Polemos' Boxing Island features permanent whirlpools that revolve near them. Some whirlpools may also appear randomly across the water surfaces.

Kraken, Ravager of Seas will always spawn with a whirlpool underneath, Wind-magic players may also create whirlpools through their ultimate, Ravaging Winds.

When in contact of the whirlpool, the player will be vacuumed into the center, at the same time being suffocated underwater. Boats such as the Sailboat and larger ships may pass through with little damage and slightly slowed by the resistance of the whirlpool, while Rowboats will be sucked in and trapped.

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A tornado located under Cerulea


Tornadoes are one of the rarer disasters as they only occur under storm clouds such as the ones at Doom Island and are never permanent features like whirlpools.

Sandstorms are a variant of the tornadoes.
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Ramses II's Sandstorm attack

 A disaster that only occurs on Savaria and is used as a form of attack and cloak by Ramses II, The Fallen King. The ones that randomly spawn on Savaria flings people in the air and obscures the players' screens who are too close, while Ramses II's sandstorms do not have any blinding effects. They may spawn on Oblitesco as well.

A snowstorm

Snowstorms are a variant of the tornado disaster that only occurs on Permafrost, having a similar effect to sandstorms, but they freeze any player that comes near it.


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A tsunami wave

Tsunamis may occur randomly, traveling across the sea surfaces, but never as a permanent feature near islands. Kraken, Ravager of Seas may also spawn tsunamis as one of his attacks and Water-magic players may do the same through their ultimate, Tidal Dragon. Despite results of real-world occurrences, tsunamis in the Arcane world do not cause damage to buildings but depending on the size it can deal more than 500 damage. The most common place to find natural tsunamis are directly under Cerulea, The School of Magic (Where you'd find translucent pillars).