Bandit Hideout Island

Bandit Hideout Island


An island found near Savaria, with a bandit camp located at the very center and an outpost-like structure being connected to it via bridge. Five bandits are located here (one of them being the Bandit Leader). There are also four treasure chests located around the encampment.


Bandit Hideout Island's Treasure Chart

Associated Quests

End the Bandits

"Defeat the Desert Bandit Leader on Savaria."

A villager at Savaria will ask you to defeat the Bandit Leader at a nearby Wilderness Island.

Rewards: 500 Lamina, 75 Experience Points

Desert Bandit Payback

"Defeat 10 Desert Bandits."

A pirate on the Rumbling Caldera will ask you to defeat 10 Desert Bandits.

Rewards: 600 Lamina, 50 Experience Points