The Deluxe Katana is a stronger version of the Katana, dealing more damage and has a second ability alongside the swing.

It deals less damage than the Deluxe Cutlass, but it swings faster. This weapon has a chance to inflict the Bleed status with both attacks.


Left Click: Basic swing combo.

Damage calculation only factors in Strength Level and drains [#] stamina every swing with a chance to inflict the status effect: Bleeding.

Like most weapons that can be swung, health may be substituted for stamina if depleted.

[Q] (Flash Strike): The user makes a 360 degree spin the katana. The amount of spins depend on charge time. Upon release the user "teleports" a short distance (dependent on charge time) and damaging those who were in the slice path.

Damage calculation only factors in Strength Level and drains 300 stamina with every use with a chance to inflict the status effectBleeding.


  • The flash strike works against all shields but not Earth Barrier. Can not be use while jumping or while you are in air.
  • Flash Strike can be useful in evading attacks. For example, if you are fighting someone who is using purely melee or even purely ranged attacks, use Flash Strike to end up behind them, temporarily confusing them and granting you the opportunity for retaliation. Works well with a magic's E or F move, which then temporarily disables your opponent.
  • Flash Strike can sometimes be used as a method of transportation, for crossing broken bridges or short distances extremely fast.

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