A Flintlock with a tweaked mechanism, making it more accurate.

Item Description

When collecting chests or going fishing, one may stumble across this piece of weaponry to aid them in their adventures. 

The Deluxe Flintlock is an upgraded version of the Flintlock, boasting a different shade of color, slightly increased accuracy, slightly increased damage, dealing 700 damage on a head-shot, 525 on a torso shot, and 350 anywhere else. It may be purchasable in the future.


[Q] - The user grabs the target and fires the gun behind their head, dealing 1000 damage and inflicts a 25 damage over time Bleed, which will deal damage 10 times. This also counts as shooting the gun, so it will have to be reloaded after using this ability. This is very useful for initiating battles and can easily catch people off guard. It can even kill early bosses and players in one hit.

[Click] - The user fires a shot from the flintlock for increased damage than the basic Flintlock. Bullet has no area of affect.


  • The Deluxe Flintlock adds 1,800 power level, same as the Musket.
  • The Musket's headshot damage and the Deluxe Flintlock's [Q] are currently tied for highest damage in terms of guns.