When blasted into the sky by the Sea Cannon in the First Sea, upon arriving at Cumulus Island, there is a blacksmith who sells swords, which are upgraded versions of the swords available at the Sailing Bazaar, some offering new abilities than the previous. Surely enough this weapon can also be bought at the same Sailing Bazaar in the Third Sea. It can also be obtained through fishing and collecting chests. This weapon has a chance to inflict the Bleed status with either the basic or special attack. Its counterpart is the Colossal Cutlass, a bigger version of this with a Q that deals more damage and has a bigger hitbox.


[Q] (Flying Slash) - Launches a wide tornado with a large hit-box at a targeted location, dealing AoE damage that damages 1-3 times on the point of impact. Requires 80 strength to use this ability.


  • Flying Slash synergizes very well with high jump ultimates or the normal high jump. Simply use the ultimate, then use Flying Slash mid-air to quickly farm opponents such as the Frost Bandits. It should apply two effects (bleeding along with the effect of the magic) and deals devastating damage.

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