This is the daily spin as shown in-game.

The daily spinning wheel can be spun every 12 hours. It can drop four different rewards, with the rewards becoming more rewarding the more days you've played in a row. When you play for 10 days in a row, the daily spinning wheel can drop 100,000 lamina, 50 aurem, 10,000 experience points, or a random item. The daily spinning wheel can give four rewards:


The daily spinning wheel can reward (10,000 lamina * # of days played). If played for a maximum of 10 days, it can reward up to 100,000 lamina.


The spin drops (5 aurem * # of days played) with a maximum of 50 aurem rewarded when played for 10 days. This, besides chests and fishing, is one of the few ways to gain aurem.


The spin drops (1,000 experience points * # of days played). This can be helpful when leveling up or to gain a quick level. Note that any extra experience will not contribute to any levels, so if you level up the extra experience will disappear.

Random Item

This part of the spin can give any random item, meaning weapons, armor, etc. This can sometimes yield great rewards, and can give exclusive items that are extremely rare to find.

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