Cumulus Island, also known as Stratus Town, is the First Sea spawn island for players level 60-99 or after finishing the quest: "Raid Kairo". Cumulus Island is situated high above the clouds with many outlying clouds with sky shore bordering the islands.  


Also known as Stratus Town, this is an island that floats on a cloud in the air.

Players who reach level 60 or have completed the "Raid Kairo" quest will spawn at this island.

This island is home to many vendors. A vendor on the smaller grassy area sells Sky Skates, and the first instance where the Deluxe Cutlass and Dual Katanas are available for purchase is located in-town. The island is also home to the first available hat vendor.

To reach Cumulus Island, players may use Sky Skates or the Sea Cannon located directly underneath the island.


  • Both Cumulus Island and Stratus Town are named after types of clouds. Cumulus clouds typically have a fluffy body and flat base, while stratus clouds look like a huge, grey blanket in the sky.
  • Cumulus island has many outlying islands, notable islands include the Fire Wizard Arena, Verdies' Shipwreck Island and Verdies' Arena. Some of these islands are home to the exclusive sky fruits, only found growing on these islands.
  • This island was most likely based off One Piece's sky islands and the cannon under the island is supposed to resemble One Piece's Knock Up Stream.
  • Cumulus Island, Fire Wizard Arena, Verdies' Shipwreck Island, Verdies' Arena, and many different Wilderness Sky Islands, are the only sky islands in the game. The only other one in the game is Cerulea, in the Third Sea, which used to be a spawn for level 250.

Associated Quests

Sky Fruit Finder

  • Quest Giver: Merchant with empty shop in Stratus Town.
  • Objective: Collect 10 sky apples.
  • Rewards: 2000 Lamina, 400 EXP

Sky Battle

  • Quest Giver: Fire Wizard (Near the Sky Skate Vendor)
  • Objective: Defeat the Fire Wizard on the sky island above Savaria.
  • Rewards: 3000 Lamina, 500 EXP

The Shipwreck in the Sky

  • Quest Giver: Owen
  • Objective: Visit the Shipwreck Island and talk to the pirate there.
  • Rewards: 500 Lamina, 200 EXP