Arcane Adventures, so far, is compatible with computers only. So if you use a phone, tablet, or console, you're out of luck.


These are the standard controls for overall movement, along with hotkeys. Certain keys are reserved for attacks, which can be found by checking the respective pages for those controls.

Key Function
[ W ] Player moves away from the camera.
[ A ] Player moves to the left, depending on the camera angle.
[ S ] Player moves toward the camera.
[ D ] Player moves to the right, depending on the camera angle.
[Space] Makes the player jump on land or swim up in water.
[ Ctrl ] Toggles sprint.
[ T ] Player will high jump. Height of high jump changes depending on how long it is held.
[ B ] If close to a ledge or boat, it allows player to climb it. If near an NPC, it allows player to interact.

As part of making sure gameplay isn't abused, players must have at least 90% of their health regained in order to speak to NPCs.


Some special keys allow the player to access menus or perform certain actions.

Key Function
[ J ] Opens the skill/stats GUI.
[ M ] Opens the quest GUI.

Please check for more possible hotkeys.

Removed Hotkeys

Key Function
[ L ] Docks your boat.


Type these into the chat for some fun poses.

These can be accessible in the Menu.

/e dab /e bow /e facepalm /e sit /e sleep /e clap /e meditate
/e smh /e bow2 /e praise /e sit2 /e search /e handstand /e salute

Possible Controls

On his Trello, Vetex has planned on adding controller support. 


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