The Combat fighting style is a fighting style that involves punch and kicks. Damage calculation only factors in Strength Level.

Visually, the player raise their arms when selected due to the v4 Melee Revamp update.

Combat is the default fighting style and lost when learning a new fighting style like any other fighting style, It is possible to relearn Combat from the Witch, who resides on Graveyard Island.




Attack Explanations Keybind Stat Requirement
Standard Punch The user throws a punch that has little range, but has a lower cooldown than kicks. [Q] None
Standard Kick The user swings a kick that has slightly more range than the punch, but longer cooldown than punches. [E] None
Uppercut The user raises their arm up, launching the opponent to be stuck mid-air for a few seconds at a mid-melee range. Allows a couple of hits to be thrown. [R] 20 strength level


  • Screenshot 3

    The Graveyard Island in the vicinity between Permafrost Wilderness and the Sea Cannon.

    There was a move that you pressed F to use, in which the user launches themselves towards the location of the cursor. Connecting the attack deals a significantly higher damage than punch and kicks.
  • Combat is the only fighting style that has no requirements and is free to obtain.

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