Collectibles only spawn when this is set to full.

Collectibles are items that can be collected. They can be sold at shops for varying prices.  Be sure to set your quality to full for these to spawn.

Valuable Materials

Only found in chests. These materials include gems and other valuable items that can sell for a lot of money.


Spawns on beaches when using full quality in the game menu. The Doom Conch is exclusively found on the shore of Doom Island, whilst the skull is only found on the Graveyard Island.


Spawns on trees and can fall off them, when using full quality in the game menu. Dragon Fruit are found primarily on the Borealis. Frost fruit are found near Permafrost Island. Sky fruit are found around the sky islands. Doom Grapes are found exclusively on Doom Island. Giant fruit are found on an island near Savaria with a stranded NPC. Golden Coconuts are found solely on Trinity Oasis. Dragon Fruit, Coconuts, and Grapes are used for various quests.

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