Chests are collectables in Arcane Adventures that grant a wide array of items. Certain types of chests require a Alongside fishing, is the most common method to obtain of the many items.

Chest Variations


Chests are the most common type of chest that can be found. These chests appear in pre-determined locations around each sea and usually contain low value loot with a low chance to drop a valuable item.

Its appearance is that of a wooden chest with bronze framing.


Loot Type Amount of Loot Chance to Drop
Lamina 100 - 500 80%
Experience 100 - 400 100%
Aurem 1 - 3 70%
Random Item 1 Common/Uncommon Rarity Item 20%
Rare Item 1 Rare Rarity Item 6%

Silver Chests

Silver Chests cannot be physically found and only obtained through purchasing them with ROBUX in the Menu. 

To purchase, click the Menu button in the bottom-left corner and then the Silver Chest Icon. Each Silver Chest can only be purchased twice ever 12 hours and cost 50 ROBUX each.

Loot Type Amount of Loot Chance to Drop
Lamina 50,000 100%
Experience 2,000 100%
Aurem N/A 0%
Random Item 2-4 Common-Uncommon Rarity Items 100%
Rare Item 2-4 Rare Rarity Items 20%

Gold Chests

Gold Chests are a rare version of the Chest introduced in v3.3. These chests appear wherever a Chest can spawn; overwriting them.

When clicked on, the Gold Chest will be added to the player's inventory. While inside the inventory, it may be clicked again to be opened, costing 200 ROBUX each. If chosen not to be opened, it could be sold for a large amount of Lamina at shopkeepers.

Its appearance is that of a yellow-coloured wooden chest with silver framing.

Loot Type Amount of Loot Chance to Drop
Lamina 200,000 100%
Experience 5,000 100%
Aurem N/A 0%
Random Item 4-6 Common/Uncommon Rarity Items 100%
Rare Item 4-6 Rare Rarity Items 40%


  • During the Egg Hunt 2017 event, there was a chance that the Chest Egg would spawn in place of a chest.
  • One controversial bug, is that chests will randomly become un-obtainable. Resetting might fix this.

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