Cerulea is a new spawn island added as of v3.6, and is composed of many sky islands; with a large one at the middle as a shopping district, and multiple pieces of smaller ones surrounding it, players who reach level 250 spawn here. Each island has a translucent pillar that stretches down to the sea. These pillars are speculated to be rain, due to the fact that Cerulea is described as a "stormy sky island". Tornadoes will spawn underneath the islands occasionally.

Story and NPCs

Cerulea which is a described as a stormy sky island, houses a magic school where wizards are trained in the art of magic. Wizards here are not very fond of people from down below and they belittle the player. NPC's can be seen on the surrounding islands standing in front of their dormitories where they live.

According to one of the wizards on Cerulea, the Player has been found unconscious on Cerulea after being swept up by a large tornado.


Cerulea Island can be found behind Whiteridge, up above in the sky.


Cerulea has a shop district with each corresponding vendor has its own pillar-shaped building as a shop. Instead of having their listed items in shelves, the items can be seen floating in the air of the buildings.

There are 8 vendors at Cerulea, the 8th one being the Sky Skate Crafter which doesn't have his own building and can be found on the bridge. The following shops in Cerulea are:

  • Potions
  • Armor
  • Sky Skates (No Building)
  • Ship Supplies
  • Weapons
  • Fishing Supplies
  • Hats
  • Accessories
Shop name Description Items sold
Cerulea's Potions This vendor has 6 cauldrons (Cyan, Purple, Green, Left; Yellow, Red, Blue; Right), all of her potions are floating over her. Deluxe Health Potion, Deluxe Water Breathing Potion, Magic Damage Potion, Deluxe Sea Strider Potion, Deluxe Shark Eyes Potion, Deluxe Shark Repellent Potion, Powerful + Deadly Poison Potion, Antidote, Healing Circle Potion.
Cerulea's Armor This vendor has floating Wizard robes around the shopkeeper and sells the exclusive Cerulean Set/  Cerulean RobesCerulean PantsBlue Wizard Robes + PantsPurple Wizard Robes + PantsWhite Wizard Robes + Pants
Liz's Ship Supplies  This vendor does not have anything on display, yet has 4 magic orbs floating in her shop serving no purpose. She sells Rowboat, Sailboat, Caravel, Ketch, 25 lb. Cannonballs, 50 lb. Cannonballs, 100 lb. Cannonballs, Magic Cannonballs, Steel Ram, Magic Ram, Hammer, Paintbrush, Ship Nametag, Sail Blueprint, Hull BlueprintSteer Blueprint.
Cerulea's Weapons This vendor has all her weapons on display, and sells Magic Staff, Magic Dagger, Magic Horn, Magic Spear.
Cerulea's Fishing Supplies Like Liz's Ship Supplies, this vendor does not have anything on display, yet has 4 magic orbs floating in his shop serving no purpose Wooden Rod, Lure Rod, Bait
Cerulea's Accessories This vendor has all his accessories on display, and sells Champion Pauldrons, Darkened Wings, Gilded Wings, Bright Cape, White Headband
Cerulea's Hats This vendor has all her hats on display Green Wizard Hat, Red Wizard Hat, Blue Wizard Hat, Cerulean Hat.
Sky Skate Crafter This vendor has no stall and can be found on the bridge in the shopping district Sky Skates



  • The only known ways to get to this island are to either spawn there or use Sky Skates to fly there. You can charge your sky skates at Whiteridge; once there you can find an NPC named Jonathan, beside him is a tub filled with sky shore that he harvested from Stratus Town a while back.


  • The music played while on Cerulea is called "Two Steps From Hell - After the Fall."
  • The word "Cerulea" roughly means "Heaven" in Greek.
  • Cerulea is the last place you can spawn as of v4.
  • Giant waves are much more likely to spawn under then Islands than anywhere else.

Associated Quests

Harrison's Challenge

  • Quest Giver: Harrison
  • Objective: Defeat Harrison
  • Rewards: 50000 Lamina, 25000 EXP