Capturable islands refer to islands that could be put under a player or clan's control for continual Lamina taxing and slightly affects bounty and reputation, depending on the player's current reputation. Negative and neutral reputations receive 50 bounty and a slight dip in reputation, while positive reputations gain a slight rise in reputation.

Captured islands get taxed for more every minute the island is in possession. Tax will be divided among players in the server within the clan that captured the island it.

Players who capture islands without being in a clan will have their username printed on the flag, while players who are in clans will have their clan logo printed on the flag instead. If no one has captured the island, the flag will display a white "X".

Orange Island

  • Capturable at Level 40+
  • It is located to south of Kairo between Permafrost Wilderness and Outcast Tower(?)

Permafrost Island

Permafrost Island
  • Capturable level 40+
  • It is located to south of Savaria direction of Kairo(?)

Canopy Island

  • Capturable level 50+
  • It is located to west of Savaria.
  • A female NPC Villager issues a quest to defeat Trigno for 50,000 Lamina and 5,000 EXP.

Eve Island

  • Capturable level 60+
  • It is located to north of Savaria.
  • Warning: This island has port cannons which will attack any ship with a bad reputation on it. This may result in sinking of your ship.

Dawn's Refuge

  • Capturable level 60+
  • Located Southeast of Miss Molly's ship and Judgement Isle in the Second Sea
  • Mayor Oswald of Dawn's Refuge issues quest to defeat Captain Sage for 75,000 Lamina and 12,000 EXP.
  • Spawn island for players in the Second Sea over level 180. 

Redwood Island

  • Capturable at level 60+
  • Found South of Alalea
  • Red palm trees and jade grasses inhabit this area
  • Spawn island for players who are released from prison in the Third Sea.

Tips & Trivia

  • Each of these Islands gives a maximum of 1,250 lamina per minute when captured for a period of 3 hour at least giving a maximum of 6,000 lamina to earn if a player owns all of the islands
  • When an island is captured by a player, the player name / clan's logo will be shown on the flag.
  • Capturing an island when your reputation is greater than neutral, will increase your reputation, while capturing it when your reputation is worse than neutral will reduce your reputation and increase your bounty by 500.
  • The previous owner of an island gets notified when you take over their island.
  • It is recommended to not capture an island when someone has already captured it as it may lead to the previous owner to hunt you down.
  • Permafrost Island can be captured in both seas.