In clans, Infamy can be earned to increase the level of their clan and the structures that can be built. If the Infamy sum total of all members in a clan is high enough, structures of higher tiers will be unlocked.

Infamy is gained through the following ways:

  • Defeating players in a different clan or that are not in a clan. 1 Infamy is awarded per defeated player, regardless of the difference in power.
  • Capturing islands. A certain amount of Infamy is awarded every 5 minutes, with the amount varying depending on which islands are under the clan's control. Capturing an island from another owner will notify the previous owner.

A list of the amount of Infamy from each island is below.

Clan Tiers

Based on player's clan tier, the player can build upgraded structures on captured islands which offer more hitpoints and some major visual changes.

Tier Infamy Required

Unlocked Upgrades

Unlocked Structures
New 0-200 Wooden
  • Wooden Wall
  • Wooden Entrance
  • Wooden Doorway
  • Wooden Wall Corner
Rookie 201-1000 Reinforced
  • Reinforced Wall
  • Reinforced Entrance
  • Reinforced Doorway
  • Reinforced Wall Corner
Average 1001-5000 Stone
  • Stone Wall
  • Stone Entrance
  • Stone Doorway
  • Stone Wall Corner
Strong 5001-15000 Brick
  • Brick Wall
  • Brick Entrance
  • Brick Doorway
  • Brick Wall Corner
Powerful 15001-25000 Fortress
  • Fortress Wall
  • Fortress Entrance
  • Fortress Doorway
  • Fortress Corner
All-mighty 25001-50000 Castle
  • Castle Wall
  • Castle Entrance
  • Castle Doorway
  • Castle Corner
Legendary 50001-100000 Kingdom
  • Kingdom Wall
  • Kingdom Entrance
  • Kingdom Doorway
  • Kingdom Wall Corner
Mythical 100000+ Royal
  • Royal Wall
  • Royal Entrance
  • Royal Doorway
  • Royal Wall Corner

Capturable Islands

Capturable islands refer to islands that could be put under a clan's control for continual infamy and slightly affects bounty and reputation, depending on the player's current reputation. Negative and neutral reputations receive 500 bounty and a slight dip in reputation, while positive reputations gain a slight rise in reputation.

There are rules for which islands can and cannot be captured. A given island cannot be captured if:

  • The island is a spawn island
  • If an island has a boss or mini-boss located on it

Below mentioned infamy is awarded to the clan once every 5 minutes after establishing control over it.

First Sea

Island name Infamy
Permafrost Island 10
4 wilderness islands surrounding Permafrost 4 (1 each)
Canopy Island 12
Orange Island 10
Eve Island 10
Ice Crown Island 6
Mavist Island 4
Ice Maze Island 1
Lava Tower Isle 1
Wilderness Island near Magic Fist Island 1
Magic Fist Island 1
Underwater Maze Island 1
Wilderness Island near Canopy Island 1
Boxing Island 1
Graveyard Island 1
Wilderness Island near Graveyard Island 1
Sky Wilderness Island(The one with 3 chests inside a small hole in a wall) 1
Sky Wilderness Island(The one with the small volcano) 1
Total 68

Second Sea

Island name Infamy
Permafrost Island 10
4 wilderness islands surrounding Permafrost 4 (1 each)
Oblitesco 12
Dawn's Refuge 10
Impact Island 6
2 shipwrecks near Borealis 2 (1 each)
Ark Island 1
Moon Cove Isle 1
Wilderness Island near Impact Island and Freedom Lookout 1
Trinity Oasis 1
Desert Wilderness Island with secret crystal room 1
Total 51

Third Sea

Island name Infamy
Redwood Island 10
Whiteridge 8
Whiteridge Highlands 1
Sunrise Ravine 1
The Sea's Torment 1
Bermuda Archipelago 1
Stairway to Heaven 1




  • Infamy was added to Arcane Adventures in v1.0 (The Grand Reopening) update.
    • Before that, only 6 islands were capturable: Permafrost Island, Redwood Island, Dawn's Refuge, Canopy Island, Eve Island, and Orange Island.
    • Instead of Infamy, Lamina was given every minute instead to the player and clan members (if any in server).
  • The First Sea has the most islands to capture and thus also the best sea to farm Infamy for the clan.
  • When an island is captured by a clan, the clan's logo will be shown on the island's flags if the island has flags placed on it.