Canopy Island is one of the Capturable Islands in the First Sea, near the underwater maze island and a Shipwreck.


Several small islands with plateaus on them are connected with bridges. The huts are a lot more smaller than the one at Doom Island Or Mavist Island.There are a lot of green trees,droping mangos and covering the houses being hard to travel the island running. A capture flag lies on one of these, allowing a player to capture it and earn Lamina.

Associated Quests

End Trigno the Volcano

"Defeat Trigno the Volcano on the seas."

The girl at Canopy island asks you to defeat Trigno the Volcano.

Rewards: 50,000 Lamina, 5000 Experience Points.


  • This is the only island that spawns mangos.
  • It has no music
  • It's the only island that still has a sign with it's name.