Canopy Island is one of the Capturable Islands in the First Sea, near the underwater maze island and a Shipwreck.


Several small islands with plateaus on them are connected with bridges. The huts are a lot more smaller than the one at Doom Island Or Mavist Island.There are a lot of green trees,droping mangos and covering the houses being hard to travel the island running. A capture flag lies on one of these, allowing a player to capture it and earn Lamina.

Associated Quests


End Trigno the Volcano

The girl at Canopy island asks you to defeat Trigno the Volcano.

Rewards: 50,000 Lamina, 5000 Experience Points.


  • This is the only island that spawns mangos.
  • It has no music
  • It's the only island that still has a sign with it's name.

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