A large, two-handed blade designed for cutting off limbs.

Item Description


The Broadsword is a large, two handed sword. It is obtainable through fishing and treasure hunting. Being designed to cut off limbs, it has an increased chance to cause bleeding and limb loss.


Left Click - Basic single sword slash combo. Drains [#] stamina every swing and has a chance to inflict the status effectBleeding.  

[Q] - The sword is pulled back and swung in an arc in the direction of where the player's cursor is hovering. A trail is made where the sword was swung and an area around the player shows air moved in a sphere like shape. Players within the radius when the move is executed are given heavy damage. Drains [#] stamina and a chance to inflict the status effect; Bleeding. Requires [220] strength to use this ability.  


  • A level 200 version of the Broadsword, the Deluxe Broadsword, is supposed to be added by Vetex in the near future.
  • The Broadsword's improved version is the Spiked Doomwood Club, a bigger, heavier damage dealing weapon with an improved 'Q' attack.

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