A large, two-handed blade designed for cutting off limbs.

Item Description


The Broadsword is a large, two handed sword. It is obtainable through fishing and treasure hunting. Being designed to cut off limbs, it has an increased chance to cause bleeding and limb loss.


Left Click - Basic single sword slash combo. Drains [145] stamina every swing and has a chance to inflict the status effectBleeding.  

[Q] - The sword is pulled back and swung in an arc in the direction of where the player's cursor is hovering. A trail is made where the sword was swung and an area around the player shows air moved in a sphere like shape. Players within the radius when the move is executed are given heavy damage. Drains [245] stamina and a chance to inflict the status effect; Bleeding. Requires [200] strength to use this ability.  


  • The Broadsword Left Click ability can be used repeatedly to deal damage as it takes up little stamina, making it easier to farm mobs such as Gunslingers or Bandits. Also, the status effect, Bleeding can cause opponents to be dealt deal damage over a longer period of time, perhaps killing them. The Spiked Doomwood Club deals more damage per hit but takes up more stamina, making them both a good contender for PvP or farming.
  • The Broadsword Q ability can be useful in combat, dealing 500+ damage at Strength level 200 and inflicting the status effect, Bleeding onto the opponent. However, it takes a few seconds to charge fully, but it takes up only a minimal amount of stamina.


  • A level 200 version of the Broadsword, the Deluxe Broadsword, is supposed to be added by Vetex in the near future.
  • The Broadsword's improved version is the Spiked Doomwood Club, a bigger, heavier damage dealing weapon with an improved 'Q' attack.
  • The Broadsword adds 1,050 power level.

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