Ships are the main method of travel in Arcane Adventure, some made more durable with the ability to deal massive damage, while others are made for traveling quickly across the waters. However, all boats will slow as they take damage.


Single cannon aiming.


Multiple cannons aiming.


Aiming with mortar.

To aim multiple cannons, sit in the driver seat and shift the cursor to one side of the ship, and a red highlight will appear to indicate which cannons are firing.

To fire a single cannon, player is to station themself next to a cannon. A thin red highlight  will appear, indicating the cannon's line of fire.

To aim a mortar from the driver seat, hold shift and point your mouse at your target. A red highlight in a cylinder shape will appear, showing the area where the cannonballs will land. If stationed at a mortar, holding shift is not necessary.  

As of update v3.0, seats were removed from the ships. Now, players are recommended to station themselves at a cannon/mortar to reduce the risk of falling off.

Also, as of update v3.0 Hotfix, all boats have a new feature that allows them to move without the player having to be at the wheel. When a boat is docked, the 'Dock (*Boat Type*)' will be replaced by 'Toggle Sails'. When this button is activated, the boat's sails will go up, and it will begin moving. It however cannot steer on its own, as either you or someone else has to be at the wheel to spin it and rotate the ship.

Spawning and Health

Boats are spawned in when clicking on the button labeled "dock *ship name*". If the boat happened to not be at full health, the boat will heal as time passes, if the boat wasn't docked.

As the health of a boat decreases, so does it speed. At its lowest speed, it can reach speeds lower than normal swimming speed. If the health bar reaches "0", the boat will sink. Boats despawn at random times, usually taking hours before despawning, if the player had not died during the time span. Boats despawn shortly after the player has resetted, or after death occurred.

If the boat had recently been sunken, and the button gives you the option to dock the boat, a message will come up, saying, "Your boat is still being repaired from it's last fight. Please wait.". You are able to spawn the boat after a short period of time, however, waiting longer before docking your boat will result in the boat having more health then if you had spawned it as soon as possible. Waiting a long enough period of time will result in your boat having full health.

​Ship List

"A small, one-person rowboat used for travel."

Obtained by completing "The Test" quest issued by Theos the War Phoenix. The rowboat is also purchasable from shipwright shop. Sail Blueprints cannot be applied.

Every level, it gains 10 hp until level 20, where it has a max health of 200 unless further upgraded with Hull Blueprints.

It has two speed settings: normal and sprinting speed. Sprinting speed increases travel speed while draining stamina and can be toggled on and off by pressing control (the same key to sprint).

"A small ship with a single mast and one cannon on each side"

Purchasable from shipwright shop if you are level 30+. Has a maximum of 30,000 HP at level 1,000 (30x current level).

Fastest boat obtainable.

"A medium-sized ship with two masts and two cannons on each side."

Purchasable from all shipwright shops if level 50 except Alalea's shipwright ship. Has a maximum hp of 100,000 at level 1000 (100x current level.)

Third fastest of all obtainable boats.

Max Sail Strength:55

Max Turn Speed:1.5

"A large-sized ship with three masts and six cannons on each side." 

Only purchasable from Borealis Shipwreck's and Alalea's shipwright shops if level 100+. Has a maximum of 200,000 health at level 1,000. (200x current level.)

It has 6 cannons on each side, with a single mortar at the front, the mortar being added in the v3.0 hotfix.

Fifth fastest of all obtainable boats, only faster than the Rowboat.

Max Sail Strength:65

A large sized boat that looks similar to a sailboat but longer with 3 cannons on each side. 

Only purchasable from Miss Molly's shipwright and Liz's Ship Supplies on Cerulea if level 80+. Has a maximum of 120,000 at level 1,000. (120x current level.)

Fourth fastest of all obtainable boats.

"A small ship with a single mast and a single mortar."

Second fastest boat available, only beaten by sailboat.

Only purchasable from Alalea's shipwright shop if level 180+. Has a maximum of 25,000 health at level 1,000. (25x current level.)

Max Sail Strength: 65

Max Steer Strength: 2


  • Ships used to have different models that are supposedly based on the Going Merry ship from One Piece, but were remodeled because Vetex thought they were not in the style of the game.
  • The caravel used to have a room that you could enter and find two hammocks.
  • It was possible to sit in the crow's nest of the caravel. 
  • Sometimes, you can dock your boat even if it shows that you cannot. 
  • The sailboat is currently the fastest boat available. 
  • The rowboat is the slowest boat in-game. 
  • The frigate has the most health of all the boats after being upgraded with the maximum number of hull blueprints. 
  • The rowboat is the only boat that can travel backwards.
  • All ships and boats take half the damage from all attacks.
  • The gunboat used to be faster than all the boats, that changed in 4.0 update.
  • It takes 235 hull blueprints in total to maximize a Frigate's hull.