The Blunderbuss is one of the first guns the player may use; the other being the Flintlock and Bazooka, all of which can be bought from Gun Smugglers/Sales(wo)mans.

The Blunderbuss excels against close-ranged targets, potentially dealing high amounts of damage when the opponent is hit with all 5 bullets.

Like the Flintlock, the damage of the bullets are fixed, albeit varying on the area the target was hit in; headshot being 200 damage, torso being 150 damage, and arms/legs being 100 damage, potentially dealing 1000 damage in a single shot.

When fired, the guns shoots out 5 bullets that instantaneously reach their destination. Near point-blank range, the bullets focuses on the targeted location, but if the user is slightly distanced from the target, the bullets become inaccurate and often miss the targeted spot completely.


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