When arriving at Savaria, there is a smuggler, the first NPC of your journey that will offer to sell guns, which he smuggled in from Mainland. The smuggler sells three different guns, all having different situations in which they are useful.

The blunderbuss does not consume any type of ammunition and can be fired indefinitely. This gun excels in close-ranged combat, able to shoot deal high amounts of damage when the opponent is hit in the torso with all 5 bullets.

Like the Flintlock, the damage of the bullets are fixed, albeit varies depending on which area you hit the target in; headshot being 200 damage, torso being 150 damage, and other limbs being 100 damage.

Every time the blunderbuss is fired, the user shoots out 5 bullets that quickly reach their destination. At close range, the bullets will all focus on the targeted spot, but if the user is slightly distanced from the target, the bullets become very inaccurate and often miss the targeted spot completely.

Blunderbuss can be bought from the gun salesmen at Savaria and the Borealis Ship Wreck


  • This weapon can be used in quick unison with the Dual Flintlocks and Broadsword. By hitting with the Blunderbuss at close range then following up with the Dual Flintlocks then finally finishing off with the Broadsword, this combo can be a deadly one.

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