• Gani452


    June 24, 2017 by Gani452

    I have been thinking and realised that we don't know much about the actual creator of the game... how does he look like hobbies,etc.( more personal or in-game info).If you have more information about him plese post it here or add it by yourself here.

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  • Cataclyss

    About farming

    June 18, 2017 by Cataclyss

    I was wondering since I'm level 250 now is there any better way of farming stats other than magic weps?

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  • PerforateManx36

    help me plz idk how to do one

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  • Rubberman9000

    So playing Arcane adventure is fun without a hacker who ruin pretty much everything so today i tried to join AA but result end up me landing on same sever so i quit for this day so how was the hack? you are reskin with the train and infinite hp take no damage other than out of oxygen in water i cant take a picture in there and quit instantly to not getting trouble in there.

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  • Shingcacink

    Yet Another Blog

    June 4, 2017 by Shingcacink

    June 19 Year 1687

    I happen to have come across WAY to many Alalea Guards,  I always just keep on destroying houses, Its fun, Have you ever seen that "Arsen" Guy? he is VERY Powerful, I escaped from him alot of times, Maybe when I am more trained, I can beat him. but yet again, I live in a arcane world, with wizards vs wizards vs pirates vs etc.. 

    "̭͙͕̝̻͙̽̿ͩ͋̋̅͆̚͘ͅT̫͕̲͉̟̠ͨͥ͘͘H̵͕͕̺̔ͣͩ̓̏ͤE͊͛́͏̦̙R̙̼̮͚̰̊̇̽̓ͮͫ̇ͨ͟E̶̬͛ͬ̓̆ͫ̑ͅ I̗̗̗̮̹͒͗ͣ̔̊͘͡͝S͉̲ͦ̔̑̽͒̅̄́͜͝ ̦͎̥̤̱̪͚̙̤ͧ́̕N̹̫̮̖̰͖̞ͪ͂ͭ͠O̶̡̱̻̰̖͎͉̫͉ͥͬ̄́ͨ̐̋ͭ͠ ̙͙̖̗ͯ̿͜͡E̘͇͔͕͈͉͖ͭ̃͐̕S͂̅͏̢̖͎̙̯͈͙̮̭̫͢C͙̹͚̰͙ͫ̈́͊ͤ̂͌̇A̻̻̬͔͖͈̼̾͗ͫ̅̊̌̀P̴͈̰̩͉̗̐ͪ̑͢E̶̷̬̤̜̣̪̎̃̊ ̷̸͔̬͕̫͕͔̬̯͚̳ͮͦ̌̓͐ͧ̐ͩ̀͛͢"

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  • Shingcacink

    Monday, June 12 Year 1687

    Life is pretty boring actualy, I always have A.G members come and destroy me, well, Welcome to my blog, I know we arent suppossed to have technology, But guess what. I have Lightning Magic users come and charge up my creations, So I can use computers. :D

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  • Rxzwan

    My items disappeared

    May 24, 2017 by Rxzwan

    I had a pair of Sunken Warrior legs and a millionaire pants. Magically, after some trades (which did not include these items) and some lag, both of them disappeared. I'm not sure what else could've disappeared without my knowledge. This is a bug that must be fixed!

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  • Rxzwan

    I'm on a Caravel heading towards the Second Sea, and as always, a ship rker decides to ult my boat. But nonetheless, i keep going through the warp. Nowas I spawn in, I see the infamous message that I have been combat logged. WELL BLOOMING AMAZING. Fix this thing.

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  • ASDFII lost my account lol

    I have a theory,you know the blank image at the AG wanted list? I don't know what it is but it makes me think of Durza,there's little to no evidence of this but I have a pretty good feeling it's Durza. Anyone agree?

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  • ASDFII lost my account lol

    I forgot how to paste images (derp) but look at this quote Freedrock says,it's an error.

    "Good,I can teach you for 30,000 lamina,if you're Strength Level 120."

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  • ASDFII lost my account lol

    read the title

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  • ASDFII lost my account lol

    It's small but it says "Cerulea's Weapons" for some reason... skates are not weapons

    2.there is only 1 item so it can't be called "weapons"

    that's all I have,this is pretty minor but some people might spot it...

    Btw,if you can't see it,go to the skate crafter and look on top of the gui.

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  • ASDFII lost my account lol

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  • Moongduri

    Enemy Bug

    May 14, 2017 by Moongduri

    I found a bug in First sea, and all the AI enemies ​are just like time bombs. they suicide after like 10 seconds after spawning, including ALL NPC enemies. [Crazy wizards, Maura, Desert Bandit / Leader, Frozen Bandits, Rames II, stuff]

    This bug in a nutshell: Spawn => Blue circle fade away => Rekt by itself...? => Repeat

    is it a bug, or same for all servers? This is a HEAVY game breaking bug, making low level players basically unable to farm AI enemies.

    EDIT: I find that bug extremly rare, if you encounter this bug, just rejoin

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  • Robobby12345

          Arcane Adventures is a great game, but that doesn't exuse it from having problems. There are many bugs in AA and here is a list of some I have encountered. The first one I want to get out of the way is one that I lake to call the "Jack Sparrow Glitch" which is that when you use a gun your arm cpuld get stuck in place, and as soon as you try to use your gun again or switch to something else to fix it you can't use anything. Now I would go into why I call this the "Jack Sparrow Glitch" but it is pretty obvious why. How to fix this glitch is quite easy you just have to have somebody hit you with a magic E or R move. If it K.O.'s you than lucky you, you don't have to do this next part. Now if it didn't K.O. you than your arm is still stu…

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  • GenericRobloxian

    In this blog, everyone can contribute with their off-topic AA suggestions that you wish for. It was made just for fun and purely to see what other people would like to see in AA.

    Have fun sharing your thoughts with us!

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  • Asdf134215

    send help

    May 5, 2017 by Asdf134215

    halp me pls is dis a bug or something?

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  • Rubberman9000


    May 4, 2017 by Rubberman9000

    So i was normally playing Arcane adventure with my impact fist that got horriblely nerf but i'm unable to use my magic both first mind and second mind not even a single bottom work but other of my weapon item and other still able to use anyone know the way to fix this?

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    There is a problem with verdies which is that verdies is level 200 and he is a plasma MUTATION user. If that is so, he must be over level 300 to have a mutation. The main problem is that without an admin on this wikia, how the hell is this going to get to Vetex?

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  • The Fedz


    April 21, 2017 by The Fedz

    I wanna hear your opinions about this upcoming feature.

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  • RangerGamerYT

    So you're at judgement isle, and you want to get to the max level so you can leave, heres a few ways you can level up faster. Thanks to the new update that Vetex made, it's easier to level up! here's Five ways you can level up faster!

    1. Use magic fist (can be found on an island next to newground island. must be strength level 30, and have 6,000 lamina) and spam e to boost your experience!
    2. Spam your R, F, and X attack. Savaria is a great place to do this! (as well as kairo)
    3. Do quests that will give you lot's of experience.
    4. Chests contain experience. everytime you open one, you gain experience.
    5. Defeating bosses will give you lot's of experience. Also it's a good way to boost you're rep!

    If you have any questions or have any other ways that i missed, …

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  • Dermisbakin


    April 20, 2017 by Dermisbakin

    Only I have experienced:

    Taking 3 hours to finally drink a cup of tea Waiting 2 days to finally read two lines of text Waiting 5 days to finally launch an app

    Interruptions and disturbances at its finest

    • crippling depression intensifies*
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  • TopHat12

    ​Your ship keeps getting sunk because it only has 6500 health and strong players can take it down.  Well this guide will teach you how to max out your ship.

    Hull blueprints seem to get more and more expensive everytime you buy and use them, well thats a feature thats annoying, here is what you can do instead

    Obtain lots of money preferrably through selling millionaire suit or defeating arsen.

    Sell your ship and then buy it again.

    Go to a peacefull location where you can buy blueprints like savaria.

    Buy as many blueprints as you need if you are level 250 and want to max out your frigate then buy 250 blue prints, its ok because your backpack will grow to keep adding more blue prints, buy them all in one go so they remain cheap, its really tedious…

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  • AllstarsFoxtrot

    I'm honestly surprised that barely anyone is exploiting the fact that you can now buy shark repellant potions and water breathing potions at alalea. If you don't know what I mean, I'm talking about the massive chest area under the ocean.

    Anyone else using this to chest farm?

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  • Goidmine123


    April 8, 2017 by Goidmine123
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  • Hoxoisntjiji

    Wait what?

    March 10, 2017 by Hoxoisntjiji

    I don't know what happened but i woke up in jail for NO REASON when starting up the game.

    What's funny is i had no bounty (i was level 25), and lost all of my gear.

    Explain pls.

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  • Levian8877

    Weird glitch

    February 20, 2017 by Levian8877

    A really weird glitch happed to me. I was on Doom Island grinding on the boss there, then suddenly I start lagging out and I don't mean a normal lag out, as everything was at normal speed but my Player Character, so I left and came back to see that my rep was at unfriendly despite formerly being at legend status and I was in jail despite not having a bounty.

    Did this happen to anyone else?

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  • Ironhide2962

    What should I make my 2nd magic? Wind is my first magic.

    (Dont suggest lightning. I'm gonna pull a 'that's too mainstream' for that.)

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  • Mirrakh


    February 2, 2017 by Mirrakh


    i maybe could come back to roblox

    or will i?

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  • An annoying guy

    Hi, I'm confused. What exactly is an arcade adventure? Does it involve Donkey Kong or Q-Bert? Does it have anything to do with arcade stuff? Why did you misspell arcade? That word is easy to spell yet you couldn't spell arcade. Why does an "arcade adventure" have fantasy stuff? Is it because Space Invaders sucked you up in a dimension of fantastic stuff?

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  • IiGlitchedStars

       Now, I have been recently wondering,"What is the best way to gain levels above level 135?" A lot of people said to "Spam your R move and I'll level up in minutes," or "Farm Sage/Theos." I've tried all three of these methods, but I want to know which one is the best. Please, put your suggestions and opinions in the description! Thanks!

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  • Rash20000

    Lets talk about anything and everything.... 

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  • Sarfa12

    Things that I hate in AA

    January 7, 2017 by Sarfa12

    Here are all the things I hate in arcane adventures.

    From the meh to the worst

    10. Getting killed by an npc while your rich.

    9. Not knowing if skeletons actually exist in graveyard island. (Admit it you never saw it)

    8. Sharks acting like they play gta and steal your boats.

    7. Not having your ship regened due to you having to die first

    6. Ice maze island traps

    5. Kill stealers

    4. People begging for lamina. (Seriously just fish)

    3. Not knowing which way you climb to your own damn ship.

    2. Rkers.

    1. PVP Flintlock users.

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  • Sarfa12

    (btw this is gonna be a funny blogpost xdd)

    N1. Crazy wizard.

    N2. Actual sharks.

    N3. Marua

    N4. Savaria bandits.

    N5. Cursed warriors in Kairo

    N6. Ramses

    N7. Rkers (what rkers aka high levels hate xddd)

    N8. People with flintlock

    N9. Rash20000 (Something that can actually kill him.)

    N10. Some verdies guy that everybody knew was less famous than ramses

    N11. Everything. Stop saying flintlock is over-

    Wait I think am doing that.

    Nvm just say it should not be given to noobs even though i dont know how it feelz.

    It can probs kill this blog too.

    Sarfa12 (talk) 14:16, January 5, 2017 (UTC)Some person

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  • FireIceSale

    Updated as of 24/2/2017

    Will be listing them here when I have time.

    Already have note of almost every music/ost here.

    This music doesn't possess a Youtube link.

    Main Menu theme - Toy Kingdom ​

    Doom Island -

    Savaria - Wild Arms - Town Theme

    Kairo/Ramses' theme - 

    Verdies' theme -

    Cumulus Island/Stratus Island - 

    Outcast Tower -

    Sea theme -

    Sea theme 2(Rough Sea) -

    Borealis - 

    Judgement Isle - 

    Oblitesco - Jacob Shea - Drink Yer Milk (Due to the fact that the music that Vet currently using is difficult to find and being one of the few rarest music.

    Freedom Lookout - Same as Outcast Tower

    Dawn's Refuge - 

    Theos' theme - 

    Sea theme -

    Had yet to visit Third Sea.

    P.S: Back to do adventure but not much. So I will appear time to time.

    P.S.S: Maybe might post tips about h…

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  • RagingAce

    Posting Bugs

    December 20, 2016 by RagingAce

    I've been monitering the wikia activities lately, and people are adding quite a few bugs to pages, namely the Kraken one. Should we add a rule to discourage the action of posting bugs or is it not major enough?

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  • EndBadwikiasToday

    I've been noticing that people aren't exactly following the rules set up for this Wikia. For the staff and the general community, this is really bad.

    I'm just here to remind anyone who is new to the Wikia to read the rules, especially the Community Guidelines and the General Guidelines. Remember, the Arcane Adventures Wikia staff meticulously checks for any rule violations, and anyone who breaks a rule will be punished accordingly, ranging from a soft warning (we'll just tell you to not do that again) to possibly a temporary block (only if you vandalized or didn't listen to any warnings you had).

    Thanks for listening.

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  • DarkMistHakuro


    [1/2/17]: Updated Leviathan's transformation, and added Sahra's location.

    Hello fellow wizards, I am back with something I've been keeping to myself for a while now. Being as I can't keep my imagination to myself for an extended period of time, I decide to vomit my brainchild onto this blog. (excuse me for my extremely weird use of diction. XD)

    NOTE: All mutations are altered to appear as the the boss's preferences until they are officially released.

    Location: Night Watch North Gate

    HP: ???

    Rune Curse

    - Magic Sacrament: Geldoro (Fires a harmless, large, green projectile that prevents player(s) hit from moving for 5 seconds.)

    - Magic Sacrament: Feilso (Plants down explosive mines at his current location.)

    Shatter Magic

    - Crashing Pulse (Punch…

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  • DarkMistHakuro


    [12/20/2016: Added Ol' Ricket's, Weiss's, Blackout's, and Noita's appearance.]

    "Chronicles of Night Watch" link:

    "Throughout years after the foundation of the Arcane Government, many citizens began to see the corruption their representatives brought upon the seas. Soldiers would take away families and proceed with unreasonable seizures and arrests. Some leaders are not so innocent. They are only focused on the destruction of the disorder of the seas and the elimination of the Dark Wizard, and although that is a fine goal, they will disregard anyone they meet in their path and will not hesitate to strike down those they saw as a thre…

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  • Equites

    Greetings, fellow mages and wikia users!

    So I'm curious what you guys think will happen to the "2nd mind" magic after VetexG finally adds mutations. Since he's said that mutations will be available at lvl 100, and that you can choose not to mutate and pursue lvl 150+ skills, I assume that mutations will be replacing the 2nd magic? Mutating is giving you a new magic, and most of the mutations seem to be a combination of two magics. For example, Magma = Fire + Rock.

    Thanks for reading,


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  • AnimeSoul

    Hey, I'm AnimeSoul and today I'm going to give you a guide on levelling up on Arcane Adventures. Levelling up is crucial on Arcane Adventures if you want to unlock new moves, unlock levels for new armors and also becoming really strong. Nevertheless, lets get started!

    So all those newbies out there need somewhere to level up without getting killed by the mobs? Well the right place is Newground Island. Newground Island is where you spawn in when you first start the game and the island is infested with crazy wizards. Which makes it the perfect place to start training and start gaining some sweet EXP. You will need to attack from range with your first attack for your element as you will risk getting killed fighting them head on with melee atta…

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  • Rash20000

    History of our Wiki

    December 11, 2016 by Rash20000

    Not sure if anyone was around this wikia, when KillerBloodBathRBLX was the owner and only admin on this wikia... Who gave it a nice shape, but left it in progress for some unknown reasons... and had locked major pages...

    I came across this wikia in the middle of  October and found some incomplete information which was partially helpful to me when I was a newbie to the game.  As soon as I reached Level 80, I realized that I have enough Information to share with other players, and help them with basic information so they do not waste their time making the mistakes which once I made...  And I started working on this wikia. I met FireIceSale In the comment section, and we started discussing the major problem of this wikia at that time - Locked …

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  • DarkMistHakuro


    [3/1/2017: Created "The Battle on Permafrost Island [PART 2]" and "Concerns..."]

    Sorry if I'm not adding this to the Discussion related to this, but I wanted to avoid making an EXTREMELY long list all based off of Night Watch and avoiding clogging the Idea Section with my ideas. So, I moved the thread into this blog. Here, this is the Books section of the rebel organization. Enjoy.

    The King's Theory

    by Unknown

    "It is known throughout history that once a nation impose heavy oppression among its citizen, resistance is inevitable. Unfortunately, the Arcane Government refuses to change, and continued to create unrest more threatening than the Dark Army. I will not allow it, I cannot bear to see our home crumble from within the infrastructu…

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  • EndBadwikiasToday

    Hey guys! Me again. Sorry for making very little blog posts, usually I try to make these blogs about ways to improve this wikia.

    At the moment, separate pages for all magics, Fire, Water, Lightning, Earth, Light, and Shadow, are now pretty much completed. While we're all free to celebrate, because one of the most annoying pages to unclutter has been unclluttered, I'm still thinking about some ideas to make these separate magic pages even better.

    What I'm thinking is to make Gifs showing off each magic move. Having these gifs on our magic pages will help newbies to choose their first magic or experienced players decide over a second one.

    Please read everything before recording gifs.

    The gifs we need are for:

    Fire (completed by Elpsilon)

    • Fire Field …
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  • RagingAce

    After Vetex has nerfed the ammount of damage you get from magic damage from armor, do you think it is still worth packing magic damage on your armor or just use the highest defense armor?

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  • Epsilon11

    Here's a video showing how to get a clear background instead of a white one from VetexR's decal inventory:

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  • Skordiac

    Fedoras/Hoods Uploaded

    November 29, 2016 by Skordiac

    I uploaded all the fedoras and hoods from Vetex's inventory to Images. Each is named after it's color and type of hat.

    -{Color}Hood.png Example: RedHood.png

    -{Color}Fedora.png Example: TealFedora.png

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  • FireIceSale

    On the Update of v1.6,

    'Iridescent Lagoon' will be replaced by a tall mountain island with a captureable island.

    In AA's Trello, Iridescent Lagoon were suppose to be replace few months ago. It depicts that Vetex and Tech fought in non-canon story.

    Currently, there is 'still' time to get some information and picture of Iridescent Lagoon before it has been replace.


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  • Sharpness

    Our Wikia is now #1 on Google search results 

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  • EndBadwikiasToday

    If you see some of the pages like the pirate set and fire armor, the infoboxes have multiple items that can be viewed through button-clicking. This'll really help with clustering sets together rather than making a page for each armor section. Here's how you do it:

    I've done some scouring over the Internet, thank me later lol. You're gonna have to do some low-key scriptin' for this. Do this in the classic editor, and make sure you're in source mode, not visual.

    If you were to make an infobox, the standard code for an Arcane Adventures Item Box (both found in those links) is:

    { {Arcane_Adventures_Item_Box
    |title1 = Example
    |image1 = Example.png
    |type = Armor
    |rarity = Common
    |level = 1} }

    Brackets are spaced out to prevent them from becoming actual i…

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