Administrators and Moderators are allowed to punish offenders with lower or higher Ban Durations according to their own judgement and as such, are not limited to only the suggested Ban Durations.

All users, regardless of position, must follow these guidelines and higher positions who violate extreme offenses will be demoted or blocked. Rules are divided into different colors, signifying the severity of the action of breaching them.

Yellow - Level 1 Offense

Yellow Level offenses are the least severe, with them having a generous amount of warnings or short block duration.

Offenses Description of the Offense Number of Warnings Punishment
Swearing Usage of cussing. This includes abbreviated forms that include them (ie. wtf). 2 48 Hour Block
Trash-posting Making an off-topic comment or edit on pages/discussions. 2 48 Hour Block
Discussion Pages Creating a page instead of a blog or forum post to start a discussion. 1 48 Hour Block

Orange - Level 2 Offense

Orange Level offenses are a step higher than Yellow, having only 1 warning and a week block

Offenses Description of the Offense Number of Warnings Punishment
Spam Repeated posts of the same/similar content, messages over a short time, and unnecessarily long posts. 1 1 Week Block
Spoiling Leaking lore that is only known from outside sources of the game (lore in AATU is allowed). 1 1 Week Block
Creation of Categories The creation of new categories. Must have permission by a staff member. 1 1 Week Block
Ingame Ban Appeals Requesting to lift a ban from Arcane Adventures. None of the staff members of this wiki are associated with the game and thus, cannot lift bans. 1 1 Week Block

Red - Level 3 Offense

Red Level offenses are a step higher than Orange, having steeper punishment than lower level offenses.

Offenses Description of the Offense Number of Warnings Punishment
Vandalism Unconstructive/irrelevant content added to or the removal of confirmed information from pages.

This includes adding incorrect categories to a page.

(Refer to this link provided for more details).

0 2 Week Block
Irrelevant Pages Creating pages that has no relevance to, or not officially part of Arcane Adventures (Discussion Pages offense takes higher priority). 0 2 Week Block
Harassment Picking on others continually with the intent to torment them. 1 Permanent Block
Exploit/Glitch Publicity Sharing instructions of how to perform glitches, duplication, and other exploits that inherently give an advantage to users (visual glitches are excluded from this). 0 2 Week Block
Toxicity Being a toxic member in this community. 1 Permanent Block

Purple - Level 4 Offense

Purple Level offenses will not be tolerated at all and result in a permanent block from the wiki.

Offenses Description of the Offense Number of Warnings Punishment
Pornography Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. 0 Permanent Block
Alt. Bypass Utilizing an alternative account during a period of being blocked. 0 Permanent Block
Impersonation Pretending to be another person to deceive another. 0 Permanent Block


If you see a concern regarding another user who may be violating these rules, please contact one of the admins/mods. Staff members may deal with violations on a case-by-case basis and use their own judgement given the circumstances of the incident.

If you believe your punishment was unfair and want another chance, contact the Bureaucrat or Administrators.

All Permanent blocks and appeals will be handled by Bureaucrats, and their decision will be the final one.

Post your questions in the comment section and our Staff will try to clarify them.

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