A bright teal band, given to players who bought the game while it was in Pre-Alpha or Beta.

Item Description

The Beta Bracelet is an accessory that is granted to players who has bought access to the game during the Pre-Alpha or Beta phases of Arcane Adventures.

The Beta Bracelet remains valuable to most players until level 220+, where players would have gotten the Gauntlet of the Rising Phoenix and the majority replacing the Beta Bracelet with a Deluxe Magic Amulet or The Kraken's Band.

As a vanity, it appears as a teal band on the player's right wrist that emits teal sparkles.


  • Though never mentioned, it could be assumed that the Beta Bracelet is made of a type of gemstone because of the stats it grants and its similarity to The Kraken's Band.
  • The Beta Bracelet is one of two Legendary rarity items that do not feature a green gradient in its thumbnail, the other being the Gauntlet of the Rising Phoenix.
  • The Beta Bracelet adds 1,000 power level.