A small cannon that can be carried around.

Item Description

When arriving at Savaria, there is a smuggler , the first NPC of your journey that will offer to sell guns, or any other weapon, which he brought from Mainland. The gun salesman there sells three different guns.

The bazooka does not consume any type of ammunition and can be fired indefinitely. This gun excels in far-ranged combat, able to pick off opponents at a distance with an additional AoE damage from the cannonballs when it lands.

Unlike the flintlock and blunderbuss, the damage of the bullets are fixed and does not vary when aimed at different limbs of an opponent; always dealing 100 damage.

Every time the bazooka is fired, the user shoots out a cannonball, at far range, the cannonballs are fairly accurate, but due to the slightly slower travel speed of the cannonball compared to the other two guns, aware players can dodge incoming cannonballs, though one of the advantages of being slower than the other two guns, is that the cannonballs may collide with attacks such as a Fireball, leaving yourself unharmed and possibly injuring your opponent if aimed directly at them. When shooting at a nearby target, the bazooka has issues aiming as the cannonballs will not collide with the ground for a few seconds after it is launched.


  • Alalea's Head Of Defence, Arus, has a larger golden version of the bazooka equipped on his back.

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