Averill is a Light magic user and the captain of the Shining Pirates. He is found at Borealis, where he sits at a table in the shipwreck's bar. Here, you are able to talk to Averill to initiate the quest Bar Brawl.

His ship, The Shining King, is golden yellow with black trim and sails, and will appear with the Shining Pirate logo above it. 

You can get a quest to defeat him in his boss form at Oblitesco.

Averill also has a backstory, Bright Beginnings, found in a book in-game.

Averill's Boss Fight

For information on Averill's boss fight, go to the boss tab.

Associated Quests

Bar Brawl

  • Quest Giver: Averill, Pirate Captain
  • Objective: Defeat 5 wasted pirates in the Sea Shanty Bar.
  • Rewards: 5,000 Lamina, 500 Experience Points


Boss Fight

Upon boarding the randomly appearing Shining King, players are able to fight Averill. He uses Light magic to attack, similar to Captain Barron of Outcast Tower, and is vulnerable to all attacks.

Attack Names Attack Explanations Damage Additional Effects
Light Beam Averill shoots an instantaneous beam of light that can be aimed before casting.

Has an average area of effect on collision.

862 N/A
Divine Flash Averill hold his arms in the air with light radiating outward from his palms, hurting nearby players. (Needs Info) N/A
Divine Shower Averill holds out both arms, rapidly shooting out photons that has a small area of effect on collision compared to his Light Beam's area of effect. (Needs Info) N/A

Associated Quests

End Averill

  • Quest Giver: The bartender in the saloon on Oblitesco.
  • Objective: Defeat Averill out on the seas.
  • Rewards: 5,000 Lamina, 8,000 Experience Points



  • The name of Averill's theme is "Phantom Power Music - Overpowered"
  • Averill's arms are recolors of the Spiral Knight arms.
  • The meaning of the name Averill is born in april