These people have been given special permissions to ensure a safe-welcoming environment on the Wikia. If you need help, have a question, or anything else, be sure to contact them. These people help shape the wikia, and are responsible for managing this community as it grows.

All staff members have basic permissions of

  • editing comments,
  • user pages
  • locking / deleting threads and comments,
  • kicking a user from chat rooms, etc.

If you feel that any of the staff members are abusing their permissions, Report it to Bureaucrat As Soon As Possible.

Wikia Names Positions Roblox Usernames Time Zone
Rash20000 Bureaucrat Rash20000 +05:30 GMT
RagingAce Administrator RagingAce

-8:00 GMT

The Fedz Administrator lowlyZeus20 +8:00 GMT
Trinxio Moderator Trinxio -6:00 GMT
AllstarsFoxtrot Moderator AllstarsFoxtrot +1:00 GMT
Gani452 Moderator Gani452 +12:00 GMT

You can apply for these positions here.

  • All applications will be handled by Bureaucrat, and you should be getting a reply within 48 hours of submitting your application.

Any staff member inactive for more than 72 hours without any prior notices may be demoted/kicked.

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